Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May Flowers

Everyone watches this house and garden. The house and the surrounding fence are covered in pale pink roses in June and July.
This house has a full time gardener and in late summer has the most beautiful hollyhocks I have ever seen. The neighbors here all have beautiful gardens, too. A little competition, maybe??
Espaliered apple trees

A lovely pink blossom on the espaliered apple tree
Grass is getting greener!
Anyone know what this is???
Primroses at "The Artful Hand Gallery
The Drawing Room Gallery, owned by my friend, Sharon
A Drawing Room welcome
Taking you on my May 1st walk continues...these are just a few of the flowers, and as one picture shows, it is still cold here and the trees are not leafed out yet!

Florida Kitten Update (see Shining Through and Lucky Kittens 5/4/08) : They are now named Ivan and Izzie and have the full run of "their" cottage. I hear they have been pretty wild, funny, and loving. They are at the "stick to your legs like velcro with their needle-like claws" stage. Will they move on up to the big house, or not? Stay tuned. David returns from the Bahamas next week! Meanwhile Anne has full kitten and feeding the quail duty!

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