Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kitten News

Bringing you the latest installment on the Florida kittens.....the names have been slightly changed.....they are now Theo (longhair, male on right) and Izzie (shorthair female). They are still living in the cottage but their endearing ways are inching them closer and closer to the big house.
Very busy this week.....tending to a friend with a new hip replacement, work doubly busy, and planning to assist my brother and family with a long distance bike ride beginning on Sat. They will ride from Boston to Craigville Beach on the Cape for Best Buddies This is the second year they have done this ride and it is an amazing event. LM and I will help with logistics and be there to cheer them on when they ride in to the finish.

LM had a very successful fishing field trip to West Dennis Beach last night. The students from his last three classes gathered at 5:30 pm and with LM's guidance, put their classroom time to use preparing gear, casting, and many catching fish on what was a beautiful evening with a glorious sunset. I so wanted to be there to get photos but my post-surgical friend needed me to be here.
There were many striped bass caught - happy students, proud teacher! Just to think, just after those classes began, LM nearly died, and now he is out there doing what he loves in his "church" - nature. As he was driving away from the class last night and heading home we shared a touching and loving phone conversation savoring the evening's events, our love and a few tears of joy.


Anonymous said...

Theo and Izzie look happy and right at home! I'm glad I'm looking at them in a picture....I would want to take them home with me! Sounds like LM is getting back a certain stride to his life that includes the happiest parts-you (of course!) and his "church". There's a certain warmth in your words as you describe LM and your love story-I believe made even sweeter after facing the darker hours together. Rain is falling here as it will over the next few days. We need the rain even if I always long for the sun when I don't see it! Years Igo I lived in Santa Barbara (California) where we hardly ever saw the rain....let me tell you, this New England girl longed for not only a rainy day, but snow and most of all-my faborite fall! Have a wonderful day-sunshine or rain! Ann in NY/CC

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thanks Ann, the kittens are just so sweet. My daughter(also Anne) said last night they were out in the cottage playing with them for the longest time and now they leap in the air and twist around. They also spent some time cuddled as one in Anne's lap and went sound asleep. I won't be able to get to FL for manym onths but cannot wait to meet them.
You are right about the Fall, and Fall on Cape Cod is so so beautiful. The light is so dramatic and the warm days last so long in to Nov-Dec. I do hear that the constant CA sunshine does become boring....and I so love a rainy day when I can stay home and have a nap!!
Love hearing from you!