Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kitten Update

Off to the races - Theo & Izzie

As I promised on Tuesday, here is the Thursday kitten update. Not all good news here today. I am afraid my FL family and IL family are having their challenges.
The kittens went in to be neutered and spayed yesterday morning and the following is what my daughter wrote late yesterday morning and then a little update this morning when she sent the pictures:

"I just heard from the vet, Izzie had a terrible reaction to the drugs and died. Her lungs had filled with water and the CPR did not bring her back. I can see her little face in the carrier looking at me. Theo is fine and out of the two of them I was worried most about him because he was the runt and didn’t seem as healthy. David and Jared are on there way over to see what they can do. I am crushed but on the other hand we gave her the best month of her life.

I look at it this way, Izzie was the angel that brought Theo to us. She was the larger one that we saw first, without her he probably would not have made it in the wild. She will be missed but never forgotten.

As you can see Theo is making himself right at home. We had a little scare this morning because he didn't come right out but after a little coaxing he came out from under Jared's bed. Cats seem to gravitate to Jared, they can sense his kind and loving soul I think. We have vowed to try and keep this cat from being on the counter but just this morning David admitted he would probably be the first to cave. You gotta love that man."

Bright spirits carry on, and as you can see, Theo has been welcomed in to the big house, FINALLY, and he is making a great adjustment...taking over with great aplomb.

In the midst of all this yesterday, I received a call from IL to say that my dear brother, Marty, has been hospitalized with a very high fever. Marty has faced a lot of health challenges since he became a paraplegic following a dirt bike accident in 1975. His life since then is an amazing story. After his accident and long recovery, he went on to community college, began participating in wheelchair sports (track, road racing and basketball) and then to the University of IL where he received his Masters and eventually became director of a program which has produced some of the most famous wheelchair athletes, many of whom have competed in the Olympics. He is also an author and inventor. In the last few years he has been especially challenged with infections caused by very serious skin breaks, and many other health issues common to paras. He has always been my hero and continues to show incredible strength and courage against tremendous physical odds. He has an amazing wife, Karen and two wonderful boys . Marty continues to work with and influence the lives of many wheelchair athletes. Tonight we are all sending him very positive thoughts for an easy glide over the latest hurdle he faces.

So as you can see, it is a bit of a roller coaster here but that's good, it is life, and we will continue the ride and I just bet it will take us to peaks with great views and revelations.

LM is out fishing tonight....he has been keeping close tabs on me as I have faced the last few days and he offers such comfort and strength in his words. Makes me happy to know he is at his "church" doubt offering prayers and affirmations as he reels in the bass and bluefish.

On the bright, and I mean bright, side - we have glorious sunshine here and I had a lovely walk through the village tonight....each step preserves my sanity!!

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