Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Perfect Mother's Day Weekend

Amidst what was a very busy weekend, with demands from many directions, I can honestly say I feel like I have been immersed in a cocoon of love, gentleness, warm sun and loving arms giving me effortless ease to accomplish all that was needed the past few days.
LM was more his pre-heart attack self than ever this weekend!! From the moment we got together on Saturday, he was "with me" and wanting to talk about his awareness of things missing between us and how determined he is to bring them back and to have things even better. Once again I was hit between the eyes and in the heart with why I love him so much. His ability to share his feelings, his struggles with said feelings and to address what needs to change is one more gift he brings to my life. Without me saying a word about how all the changes have affected me, he began conversation on this subject and we were both able to talk frankly and feel resolution.
Every minute we shared in the last 36 hours or so was such fun and within all we accomplished - house sitting two active dogs and caring for my boss's large house, visiting a dear friend who just had major surgery, and a myriad other chores, we laughed and found beauty everywhere.
Today we had a nice walk in Sandwich with my son, Jason, then shared a lovely lunch, followed by a visit with LM's daughter, Kristi. In between we spent time renewing by the ocean and watching the tremendous surf which is roaring here due to a northeast storm that has been hanging around. We also did some interesting birdwatching and found a nest with baby cardinals (pointed out to us by Ms. G, by the way) in a holly bush just outside the TV room window and I now have warblers in the privet hedges outside my window. They are stopping by on their annual flight to Canada. Their green/yellow plumage blends in well with the colors of Spring but we heard their beautiful songs and were able to spot them up close.
On a bit of a sad note, the baby cardinals disappeared from the nest overnight last night. The parents remain and we are guessing the babies were taken by a hawk whom we have seen lurking about. This is nature in its rawest form but we were buoyed to see the loving parents feeding each other sunflower seeds today.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. I felt wonderfully celebrated today, as I enjoyed calls and flowers from my two girls, time with my son, and LM's love, but beneath it all, was a lot of remembrance and gratitude for my mother, gone 7 years now but a part of my everyday and as close as a glance at my own hands. Thank you, Mama. You gave me eyes to view the beauty in this world and a heart to hold its treasures.


islaygirl said...

Happy Mother's Day!! xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day! First off, I have posted twice to your previous (beautiful) posts, but they appear to be lost in space! Must have been something I did (or something I said!!)....a mystery, for sure! Sounds like a weekend full of love and special moments. You are blessed and LM's recovery takes on a special meaning with his love for you. Must be a nice feeling as you wake up on Monday morning and prepare to begin your work week. Make it great! Ann NY/CC

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Islaygirl....hope your Mother's Day was wonderful, too!

Ann, sure wonder what happened to your other comments. So strange....did you see my note back to you after your last comment?? Try my e-mail.
Thanks so much for the nice comments - I love hearing from you!It was a beautiful weekend and now, as a very cold and rainy day descends on us here, I am able to still feel the sunshine of the weekend. Life is good.