Friday, October 21, 2016


Wherever I am, I feel the need to be in nature in all its glory. This inner city garden is a part of the Senior living community where my sister, Margaret, lives in Waterloo Ontario. The last two weeks in August found me visiting there once again, and I enjoyed many early morning walks in these lovely spaces.  These plots of beauty are filled with fruit, veggies, many forms of garden art, and of course, beautiful flowers!  It was fun to form a mental picture of what the tenders of these plots might look like, based on what was growing in their space.

Aside, from my lovely trip to Canada, one might wonder where I have been, and I apologize to my regular readers for the long absence.  The world of technology got way ahead of me (not a tough task), and the update to a new computer, coupled with the move to Windows 10 and life in general, put a halt to Ms Graysea for awhile.  The technology has been slightly tamed, and now I am hoping to be back without too many interruptions.

I'm looking forward to filling you in on the wonderful world of being a full-time, live-in Nana with my dear, Teddy. Although, it was a very uncomfortably hot and steamy summer here, it was filled with lots of camps, and family fun, as well as my precious time with LM and Ms G on the weekends.
I must tell you, though, that Ms G is reaching the end of her years, and catches us with wistful faces as we make the most of each day we have with our precious girl.  She is still quite active and doing her usual crazy cat things, but she has that senior cat look, and seems to forget she has eaten as soon as she has consumed a healthy helping. All her life she ate dry food only and had no interest in people food, EXCEPT for BACON!  Now she has added wet food to the dry and is mad about people food in any form, as long as we are eating it, too. Pretty crazy!

It is nice to be back here but time to go. The school bus run is nigh, and I have the gym calling to me.

I'll be back.



Arby Jones said...

Happy Day!

Arby Jones said...

Happy Day!

Judy said...

OH!! My friend. I have missed you so much!! The vet said that cats should always have wet food in their diet, along with dry. Now that Ms. Graysea is older, she might just want only wet food. My Buddy has trouble with his teeth, ever since he ran into a closed door that was never closed before. He gets a bit more wet food now.

Life sounds wonderful, still, for you.