Monday, October 24, 2016


Nana and Teddy arriving at the MJT Cape Cod Truck Show at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds in E. Falmouth yesterday.  It was a beautiful day and not only was the number of trucks amazing, but the crowd was huge.
Acres of trucks and people to ogle them over and over again.

Part of the Canal Fuel fleet in full spiff for the big day. My son, Jason is one of their drivers, and is frequently seen driving the big tractor on the far right. Last year Jason entered another of the trucks he drives but this year he was working, so missed the show.
A Tasha truck that is used to haul propane gas.  All their trucks are always spotless and gleaming when you see them on the road. The show is a memorial for the founder of the company, Michael J Tasha, who passed away at a young age, about 3 years ago.  He was a great friend of the Cape Cod community, thus this show to honor his memory and pride in his trucks. All proceeds from the show go to ALS research.
Big trucks of every size and purpose filled the fairgrounds, and their loud horns filled the air, I might add!

Huge wreckers were showing off their talents.
Teddy was in all his glory, and had the most fun hanging out in the drivers seat of this beautiful truck, which is driven by Jason's good friend, Jake.  He blew the horn and dreamed some dreams in that seat. Lou hung out there with him for a long time while I circled around with a few friends and daughter Sara, compete with granddaughter, Samantha.

Big truck fun!

The trailer on "Teddy's" truck, all agleam just as the cab.  Jake does all the work to keep this truck shining, and it is in full use everyday, hauling sand, gravel and rocks.
Here's Samantha, going on 10 years old now, her face freshly painted with a spider and a bat! She is the image of me at that age.
One last shot of the happy boy.  

We had such a fun day and look forward to next year's show.  Today I pick Teddy up at school and we go to swimming lessons.  In between I am working on a quilt, grocery shopping and planning a week of baking for bake sale items to bring to a neighborhood October Fest on Saturday. We will all be there!


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