Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Beauty of Organizing

As my eyes opened this morning, the moon was still brightening my room, and, as always, I did a quick check on mood, and body mechanics while I contemplated the beautiful light and what the day might bring.  I knew immediately, that today would be bright and full of accomplishments. I haven't felt that motivated in a while.  My feet hit the floor, and so many things waiting for my attention, were addressed in a methodical and easy, joyful way.  The shower and tub had been calling my name for weeks, today they got my full attention and are now bright and shiny.  That set the tone, and I hiked up to the attic to retrieve my heavy box of important papers. It had been moved to exile, because it wouldn't stop nagging. Knowing income tax prep is on the docket for next week, pushed me up those stairs. As well as my income tax records, that box contains family history, photos, and love letters. What an incredible day ensued.  Taking out the box, helped me to write some overdue letters, sort a few photos and send them off, prepare all my tax papers, solve a car insurance issue and clean out the glove box in my car, discard a lot of "baggage" (ahhhhhhhhhh), and organize my papers so that I can find anything I want, whenever needed. My Will, Power of Attorney, and Health Care Proxy are now easily accessible should they be called for by my family.  My father had sat with me and talked about his paternal ancestors 2 years before he passed, and today I took those faded and carelessly written notes from a file, and typed them to add to folders of genealogy that are in the box. 

In between all the activity of the day, I made myself some nice egg salad for lunch. Just like my mother would have made, with chopped olives and some chives. Even though it was cool and very windy all day, I still got a little sunshine on my face, and also spent some time chatting with a dear former co-worker. 

My soul is fed, and peaceful, and I look forward to the energy born of this day.

Tomorrow is Food Pantry day. I so enjoy my 1-2 days a week working there, and it is a great workout with some lovely people.

The big green box is staying in my sitting room for a while, as I have thought of a project to do with a packet of photos I came across on this bright and beautiful day. Stay tuned.

Peace and love going out to Brussels and all those affected by the bombings of this morning. So painful.

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