Saturday, October 22, 2016

Weekend Preview

Sitting with my morning iced tea and getting reading to launch the weekend, a very full one at that, but it includes some very fun things.  Later this morning, with several friends, I will be attending the annual show of the Plymouth County Quilt Guild. It is always so interesting to see what other quilters are creating, and I never fail to come away uninspired from a show.  I am also on the hunt for a certain, very elusive fabric. Believe it or not, I cannot seem to find a very pure white fabric that I need to use as a border. Hoping  a vendor at this show will have just what I need. Seems like it should be easy enough to find! 

After the quilt show, I will be on my way to see LM and Ms G.  I understand there will be a special dinner created in my honor.

Sunday morning will find us preparing to attend the 2nd annual MJT Cape Cod Truck Show.  Sounds like it might be an unusual event for me, but it is really a fun and interesting time with trucks of all sizes, shapes, and utilities, to be seen at their shiny best.  We love the antiques, as well as food trucks and exhibits.  Teddy will be coming along with us, and we will meet other family and friends at the fairgrounds.

A scene from last year's Truck show!

Teddy and I are off to investigate why every crow in the neighborhood is cawing, clacking, and in a general sense of uproar.  My bet is it is a hawk.


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