Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Family; Squirrel Farmers

On the morning of Wednesday, October 26, my sister, Eleanor and husband, Steve Haskell, along with their son, John, will appear on the TODAY Show to share their story of heroin addiction which affected John. It is a very profound story and one that needs to be shared to help stop this horrible epidemic. I believe Jenna Bush is doing the interview. Feel free to share this with anyone you know who may be interested.

Fall is really in the air here today....very cool but the sun is warming and beautiful.  After an early morning of wondering whether Teddy would go to school, or not, he was off and running as soon as his Mom went to work. I think I detected a bit of drama!  He has had a little cold for a week.
No calls from the school so I guess he is getting through the day just fine.  With Halloween rapidly approaching, it was time for me to get all the ingredients for his "Farmer Squirrel" costume together.  It is very cute with a full squirrel head mask, and he will wear denim overalls, a red plaid shirt and a goodly supply of acorns in the pockets.  This morning I attached his grey fluffy tail.  He will need wear it to an event tomorrow and Thursday evening, and then on Halloween. Pictures forthcoming.   

Once that work was complete, I was on to attaching borders to a small quilt in process
 In between, I have been enjoying emails with daughter, Anne from FL.  She has been making some major changes in her life and I am beyond excited and proud of her latest endeavors. She's making her first ever creative project, and doing a great job preparing and pursuing all the details. When it is complete, I will be writing about it here, but for now, it needs to remain a surprise!  To say I have been urging her to create for years, years and more years, would be an understatement.  She's also reading again and we enjoy sharing our books and critiques.  Currently she is reading a series of 3 books by Susan Branch and loving the delightful illustrations and different style.  I loved those books so much and had to share the bounty.

Time to get back to my creative work, and also some baking research. I have to produce quite a few things for 2 upcoming bake sales, and am cruising about for some new ideas.  One will be this Saturday at our local Art Center and the other will be a sale held on election day to benefit the PTA at Teddy's school.  Any ideas are welcome!

I thought you might like to see this beautiful quilt made by my sister, Margaret. Oh yes, it is adorned by my beautiful niece, Chico, owned by Margaret's daughter, Ellie and her wonderful partner, Andrea.  All the leaves and vines on this work of art were hand appliqued by Margaret. 

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