Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We Have Progress

Stopping by briefly tonight to share the good news that I saw the pulmonologist today and he feels I can return to work on Monday, and that I can go to Eleuthera as planned on March 21. WHEW.....I need this trip, in so many ways.
I will have to have an echocardiogram a week from Thursday to be sure my heart is fine after all its been through recently.  I also have to remain on the bloodthinner, Coumadin, for another 5 months or so. Not so happy about that because there are unpleasant side effects - stomach pain and chills!  At least I do not have to stay on it forever. That would not be fun.

Now, I will need to work diligently on re-building my endurance as it has suffered greatly during these past 3 months. Each day I am taking on a few new tasks. This morning early, I finally vacuumed out the mounds of winter dirt from my nice new car, AND finally installed the new all-weather mats that have been waiting in the back seat the entire time I've been sick. After the doctor's appointment and some testing, I took my car for service, and then did a little shopping at Trader Joe's for some veggies.
By the time I arrived home, I was near tears from exhaustion but it felt good that I could accomplish some much needed errands. At one point during this day, I went to sit by the waterfront and contemplate the stark beauty of our winter while taking some healing breaths. 

Now preparation for the trip goes in to high gear and the excitement is building. I'm extra happy that LM will be with me this time and be able to experience the peace, beauty and healing of the island.  It has been said about Eleuthera that it is a place where negativity vanishes, and great healing begins......wish I could take you all with me, but I will return with a lot of pictures and stories, I promise.

In the meantime, we will be celebrating Samantha's 7th birthday on Sunday and I will get to be with both my little grandchildren for the first time in way too long.

Love to all......


debbie said...

YAY!!!! Glad to hear your stunning report from the pulmonologist!! Eleuthera here she comes!! Ready or not! So glad LM gets to come with you this year!! That will be wonderful!! Better keep all plans quiet from Ms G so she won't go into an early decline!! lol...debbie

Judy said...

OH YAY!!!!! I was worried about you flying with blood clots.

To me--any place where I can walk beside the ocean and hear the waves is a healing place for me. I am so lonely for the ocean.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

So pleased to hear your good news.
Hopefully I can get out tomorrow
as still snow on ground, vehicle door frozen and need to go to grocery. Enjoy the time in the tropics - wish you could put me in your pocket :) I need the sun.

Marsha from Massachusetts said...

YAH, what wonderful news! Remember to be patient with yourself as you get back to the world.

Sharon said...

Great news! The trip will be extra special now that you're feeling better. Enjoy the anticipation ~

Retired English Teacher said...

This is such great news. Baby steps on regaining life. Soon, this will all be a distant memory. I hope your trip is just perfect!