Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Almost Island Time

I know it's been quiet around these parts, but lots of happy things are going say I am thrilled to have worked the past week and a half, caught up on all my waiting tasks while also getting ready for our 10 days on Eleuthera, would be putting it mildly. LM and I are now down to counting the hours. We both work today and then, tomorrow we are off to Providence to stay the night before our flight to Orlando at 6 am on Friday morning, and yes, that flight takes us to meet daughter Anne, and we will, all three of us, go to the island. We first fly from FL to Nassau, then Nassau to the island. It will be an adventure for LM, especially, as he has never been to the Caribbean, nevermind on as many flights.  Anne's wonderful, husband, David, is already on the island getting the house ready and preparing for our visit.

So this is what has been keeping me happily busy.  I promise to take many, many pictures and capture as much of the fun as possible.

Meanwhile, I hope Spring will truly begin and bring a touch of warmth to you all, and I wish you love and peace......


Judy said...

Travel mercies!!! I do not like to fly so it would be a miserable getting there and back for me, but oh--it might be worth it for days near the ocean.

Sharon said...

This sounds like the perfect trip, from the companions to the destination to the time you will have to relax and recoup. It's such a treat that you will get away from this perpetual winter we can't seem to shake. Safe travels and wishes for a wonderful adventure ~