Thursday, March 20, 2014

Someone has an issue with Travel Prep

LM says he may not be able to go to Eleuthera with me.....the consequences of being a cat-napper.  You can bet she's been moved by now.



Balisha said...

My daughter's cat does the same thing. Poor kitty. She's beautiful.

Judy said...

I hope she doesn't get too homesick for you--er--I mean LM. So cute!

Retired English Teacher said...

HaHaHa This reminds me of our dog when we get out the suitcases to travel. He does not like it. He knows we are going somewhere and that he will be left behind.

debbie said...

Oh dear, it's Thursday already!! Your vacation is winding down and mine is starting Sat and ending Tuesday night. Short trip to Amelia Island. Never been there.It's to be low 70's, maybe some rain. Oh well, the break will be nice. My sister is coming to attend to mom;s's taken me since Tuesday to get on here. The new computer is a lot different but I love it....debbie Tell LM hello!