Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Party and Coming Home!

We had a birthday party for granddaughter, Samantha, on Sunday at Teddy's house. Shortly after our arrival, Teddy brought me to the living room to tell me all about how hard he worked to blow up these balloons for the party. He was so cute in his description.
I loved seeing this kalanchoe blooming on the family room windowsill. Lovely color after what has been such a long gray time. Not saying, I don't love winter, though - I really do, and this year, especially, as I have been confined for nearly 3 months.  The joy of the shadows brought me by the skeletons of the trees, and the little birds hopping about in the branches, became my friends at the window of my sitting room.
Our beautiful party girl!
These two are such a dynamic duo.
Teddy smiled for Nana and I saw my mother's smile and eyes.
Teddy sure loves his Daddy, Jason

and, his very tired Nana, too.

Our gracious hosts
So nice to be with these adorable spirits.....healing.

Woo (LM), loves these two darlings so much!

The birthday princess and her adoring Mom

Princess Samantha reacts as Teddy takes her special gift out from behind the couch. Love that I caught this photo. She was so excited.

Warm thanks to Alison....

More surprises!

Waiting to blow out the candles....
Fun was had by all.

Recovery has come to me in big doses this week. The day of the party I was feeling pretty exhausted and not so hopeful about returning to work the next day, but after several naps, I was up and ready the next morning and so touched to be "welcomed "home" by so many of my beloved co-workers. They seemed to lift me up with their hugs and teary hopes that I am back to stay.  My energy returned by the moment as the day sped by.  I am so happy to be in my routine again. 
There are hurdles to jump yet and the big one is coping with Coumadin for the next 5 months.  The side effects are not pleasant. I am also withdrawing abruptly from years of taking Premarin...about 30 years to be exact. Although I had drastically tapered down the dose over the past few years, the risk of clotting is still great. It is not thought to be the cause of my recent embolisms but could be, so best to stop. Not an easy thing at all. Have any of you gone through Premarin withdrawal? I'd love to share how others have dealt with the process?
This morning, I have an echocardiogram to check my heart function.  I feel it will be fine and give me peace of mind as LM and I put the final preparations together for our trip to Eleuthera next week.
Peace and the beauty of Spring to everyone.....I'm trying to be optimistic about warmer days as the ice and snow fall from the skies here this morning.


debbie said...

OH! I so loved the Birthday photos!! And thought the photos of you showed me that you were looking pretty good, even tho you were tired, you looked great. I bet you can't WAIT to go on vacation!!! Glad you are back to your routine!! ...debbie

Sharon said...

What a hopeful post to read today:) So glad to hear you were able to enjoy the party and have returned to work. Yes, I am heading home to fresh snow and cold temps in Maine....

Lois Evensen said...

What a marvelous celebration! Thank you for sharing. :)

All the very best,

Beverly said...

Well, I certainly have missed all about the embolus. I knew you had pneumonia, but, thought you were better. So sorry for all this. I was on Coumadin for about 2 years, and did not notice those side effects. It really did not do the job for me, so I have been on shots of a heparin drug since about 1999. I may have told you before but, in 1997 i was diagnosed with a clotting disorder and was immediately taken off estrogen. it was awful, I continued to have bad hot flashes for years, but, finally they are gone. just an occasional small one.... i do hope you feel better soon, and soon you will be off the Coumadin and can eat all the greens you want.... Feel better..

Judy said...

I didn't want to take Premarin, but when I started feeling like I wanted to slap the young girls I worked with, I went on it. Of course back then, it was suppose to be good for your heart and bones. I stayed on it for 7 years and then gradually went off. Started with one every other day, then one every three days--then--just stopped with no side effects. I didn't have a difficult menopause--(Age 55) only the anger part, LOL. All I ever had were warm flashes and night sweats. You can take Estroven (OTC) if you still have problems--it is all natural and that is what my girls have used.