Saturday, March 15, 2014


Good Morning!!!

How wonderful it feels to wake up and not be sick, and to feel so happy and relieved. Going for a fantastic therapeutic massage last night after my first full week back at work, has my body working overtime this morning to rid itself of all pneumonia, etc vestiges....what a relief. 6 more days until our trip and the excitement builds. Tomorrow I will work on packing.

This morning I will be out early to visit People for Cats with my friend, Deb. In the last 2 months, Deb lost two of her cats, and she is hoping to find a new furry friend today to share in her special brand of cat love. It is such fun to visit PFC even if the right one isn't there, we can pat and visit with the many lucky kitties who call it home. I will be hoping to find a new kitty-friend at PFC after our trip to Eleuthera. I'd love to find just the right one, as it is very clear that Ms G is way too happy with her boyfriend, LM, to ever return "home,"  and life without a cat is becoming a bit unfulfilling.  While I have been home sick for the past 3 months,  I've had repeated episodes of thinking I see Ms G following me, hear her "talking" to me, etc.  I keep thinking she is right near me all the time.
Off to Falmouth....I'll be sure to get some kitty photos today.


Jean said...

Just wandered over to your blog from "retired English Teacher." Wanted to tell you I worked in Chatham, at The Moorings motel, for two summers while in high school. I'm a retired English teacher and, best of all, I knit!

Judy said...

Yes--you do need a new cat friend!!! I hope you both find just the perfect kitty pal for you. So happy you are feeling well--it has been a difficult winter for you!!

Marsha from Massachusetts said...

Glad you're thinking about getting a kitty. I always thought you should have your "own" after Ms G left you for another man. Glad you are feeling better!

Sharon said...

I hope you found the perfect feline friend:)