Monday, June 10, 2013

Nephew Nate's Graduation Party

Taking a break from posts about the sisters' reunion to tell you about a lovely party we attended on Saturday in Cohasset, to celebrate my nephew, Nate's (brother, Sam's youngest son) graduation from high school.  We were greeted on our arrival by their lovely house adorned with beautiful bouquets of peonies. Nate's Mom, Trish, has an amazing garden, all the result of her very hard work and green thumb.  With a tropical storm bringing warm rain having passed by the night before, their garden was so  lush and beautiful.

Sam's latest acquisition is a fantastic pizza oven that produced an amazing number of delicious pizzas during the party.  Here, he has just built the fire with wood that will warm the stones to about 800 degrees.
The side of their garage covered with beautiful blooms.
Trish's pond......

Pretty lilies
There were clematis in many colors
Caught this dragonfly enjoying the lovely day on a clematis bud
Kristi really enjoyed the party and met some new friends.

When the oven is hot enough, the coals are moved to one side and the master pizza maker, slides in the deliciousness.
Not a great pic of Sam, but here he is removing a perfect pizza, cooked in just 2 minutes..HOT.
More shots of the garden....someone drove up in a treasured old Porsche.
Nate will be going on the Furman University in Greenville, SC in September.
LM with my nephew, Danny - Nate's older brother.
Trish and Sam getting ready to honor Nate and cut the cake.
There were tears and lovely words, and a special presentation. We were all so proud to hear that Nate had been presented with a wonderful scholarship at graduation.
Trish presented Nate with an embroidered eagle, handmade by her mother as a surprise for her father about 40-50 yrs ago.  Nate, a very patriotic young man, shared a very special bond with his grandfather who died just a few short months ago.
Tears turned to smiles and it was time for cake.
As we were leaving Kristi made one more bid for Sam to run away with her, and we had a happy little moment.

The sunset in my rear view mirror (still dirty from our trip) as we made our way home along the highway. 
A lovely day!


linda eller said...

What a nice accomplishment for the young man and looks like it was a great party all around.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Thank you for sharing
Such memories you have.
You share a lifestyle that was
part of my past.
Now just a cottage by the woods
with Miss Callie.

Retired English Teacher said...

What a wonderful event this must have been. The setting is amazing and beautiful. Congrats to the graduate.

Judy said...

What a gorgeous home and grounds!!! Are they now going to be empty nesters when Nate goes off to college?

Cape Cod Kitty said...

You're right, Judy, they will be empty nesters. I think there will be a new residence acquired near Furman University in their future.