Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 2...Mennonite Relief Quilt Auction

Lovely Mennonite farm spotted on our way to the quilt auction this beautiful day!

Sister, Margaret has long been my quilting mentor, and we love talking all things quilting. Every year she participates in the creation of a work-of-art quilt to donate to the Mennonite relief Sale in New Hamburg, Ontario.  I have always wanted to attend this amazing event, yet another reason that the reunion was planned for the 3rd week in May. Hundreds of beautiful quilts are donated and this auction goes off like a well-oiled machine.  A highlight of this day is watching the creation and sale of delicious strawberry pies - sold by the piece or whole, these beauties disappeared in the blink of an eye, but you can be sure we stood in line to have a piece.  All but one pie is sold and then tradition has it that it be auctioned off. This years "last pie" went for $445. This auction was really fun to watch as the high-bidding older couple were sitting right near us. Meanwhile we were ogling all the beautiful quilts and the show that is the auction.  LM was outside standing in line for freshly made donuts, although he did join us for the last half of the auction and loved it. This is entirely run by local Mennonites, and a fine example of teamwork.
On the stage, along with the auctioneer, was someone describing the quilt, and then two young Mennonite women setting up the display and turning it for everyone to see.  There was a lot of funny banter.
Rapt attention from the Morse sisters.

This was the cutest thing to see this little one pushing  the wagon for his Mom.  There was a big plant sale outside, as well.
This piece of loveliness was made by sister, Margaret and her friend, Emily, and brought over 1200. to the sale.

This quilt drew a lot of interest and was called a "John Deere" quilt for its colors.

Of course, you would know that this cat quilt was of great interest to the sisters!! It really was striking.

Margaret and her friend, Emily. So sorry I got them with eyes closed but had to post this happy picture. They are such dear friends.
As we were walking back to the car through the adorable town of New Hamburg, we saw a cat hanging off a window sill outside this house. Can you spot it? Precarious place for a feline!
More scenery from the walk. Lilacs!
That evening LM was on the docket to prepare his "famous" fish dinner so while he took over the kitchen, Anne and I took a walk in the beautiful Community Gardens on the property of the assisted living complex where Margaret and Jerry live.

Some nice afternoon sun coming in to the dining room!

Before the walk Anne and I posed for some porch pictures by the front door. Margaret has some lovely plantings.

Love those shoes!
The rocking chair was a gift to Margaret & jerry when Margaret gave birth to Emily in 1978! 

Lovely lantana..
The entrance to the community gardens.
We suddenly hear loud bird screeching as we approached this raised bed and were amazed to see a killdeer sitting on some eggs in the corner. Poor thing was in great distress and we moved along quickly. Bad choice for a nesting area.
A funny tin-man scarecrow.
A spectacular tree peony

Iris in my favorite color
This wonderful primrose is in Margaret's front garden and was a gift from a friend in Nova Scotia.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, dinner preparation was well underway by the master chef - usually this dinner is created on Cape Cod using local cod or haddock, but neither were available in Waterloo, so LM used walleye (pickerel).  It was really delicious accompanied by baked potatoes and a nice mixture of fresh vegetables. A delicious and rave worthy meal.
Many hands helped with the table

The "kids" table - Anne, Ellie, Emmy and Emmy's boyfriend, Matt

More to come!!


linda eller said...

What fun! Thanks for posting the pictures.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Enjoyed the visit so much.
Feel as though I have been
there with you.
What a special family you have..

Judy said...

Just lovely!!!

Cat Lady of Parkdale said...

Thanks so much for posting these pictures! Love the one of my mom and Emily - so cute. LM's fish was sooo delish!