Monday, June 17, 2013


Fresh off our first weekend together with Ms G in 9 months, LM and I are both feeling a glow today. It was wonderful to do so many of the things we shared for so many years, once again. We cooked (steamed clams), we worked a bit in the garden, we sat and chatted, watched Doc Martin, went to the beach and while LM fished, I took a lovely walk in the early evening breezes, on a way lined with beach roses, and watched a pair of ospreys tend their nest.  We met friends there and I welcomed the banter of seasoned fisherman as they told stories. 
Father's day brought a visit from LM's son, John and his girlfriend, Vanessa. Both are doing so well and were so happy to take Dad out to celebrate Father's Day. When we returned, while standing in the tree shaded driveway, I was gazing up at the blue, blue sky through the tree canopy, and was entertained by a pair of Baltimore Orioles going in and out of their hanging-basket type nest. Although I had my camera, I stayed right in the second and took in all that beauty. The weekend was filled with so many special moments like these.  We spoke with Kristi and she arrived safely and happily in Casper, WY to stay with her aunt for about a month. We miss her, yet, we want her to have these different experiences and be with the other people she loves.

My creativity is stirring again and I've a new quilting project laid out to begin. 

Thunder storms lurking so I will close for now.

Love to all!


Judy said...

How wonderful that you and LM have some time--alone--together. It is actually amazing your relationship is still as strong as ever.

Is John home now?

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thanks, does seem amazing we have survived through so much. It really is OK.
John has been home for almost a year now, and doing fairly well, considering how hard it is to restart one's life after prison. He is working 40+ hours as a sous chef, a DJ, and doing wall murals.

Balisha said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Anxious to see your new project.

Retired English Teacher said...

Big smile. I am so happy to read this news.

Retired English Teacher said...

Big smile. I am so happy to read this news.