Sunday, June 16, 2013


It is the most perfectly beautiful Father's Day and weekend for that matter, as LM and I have been together ALONE at his house for the first time in 9 months.  He is an amazing and wonderful father for having Kristi with him all this time and loving her and seeing her through the death of her mother. Right now Kristi is in Wyoming visiting her aunt for a month and we are sure she is delightedly happy.

Meanwhile, my wonderful Dad is very close to my heart today and have included some favorite photos of us....
At brother, Sam's graduation from Northeastern University. We were so happy that day as we shared Sam's wonderful success.  Below, just some great smiles on a summer day.
 Dad, with all his girls gathered around him on the day of Mum's funeral. What an honor to be with him and offer comfort and poignant memories.  Below....A Christmas photo on the dining room where so many family memories were made....oh, Mum, that wallpaper - you loved it so much. So nice that the captain's chair (Mum's chair) in front of us is now in Margaret's home in Canada. I have a lovely picture of Anne taken in that chair during the recent Sisters' reunion. I know she felt a very special connection being able to sit in that chair once again. Anne was their first grandchild.
 A very special evening out, of a few years back....Bebo, Dad, moi and Evie at Vin and Eddie's restaurant in Abington, MA. Dad and Mum loved that place!!


Carol Z said...

Beautiful photos and memories of your father.

Cat Lady of Parkdale said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos of dear Didi. I miss him so much!
Love Ellie.