Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day!

Consider yourself finding a lovely homemade basket filled with treats and flowers hanging from your front door handle this morning!!  It is May, the lovely month filled with color, warmish days, greening trees and lawns, and the month of special days, among them, my parents and brother's wedding anniversaries, Mother's Day and the birthdays of two of my dear sisters, and it is also the month of our long awaited sister's reunion in Canada, where in the land of gorgoeus lilacs, we will celebrate our incredible family bonds.

This incredible array of tulips and hyacinth is not far from my house, and across from a beach I often visit at lunch.  They adorn both sides of an entrance gate.  The display changes with the seasons and is always spectacular.  I got these photos in late evening Sunday while driving and walking around "chasing the light".....a favorite pasttime in my glorious surroundings. I'd been feeling very anxious about my coming doctor appointment on Monday morning, and found great ease in the late day light.
Have a lovely May Day all.  


linda eller said...

The flowers are so beautiful, they dont look real. I would also be calmed by seeing them.

Judy said...

OHMYGOSH--isn't that the most wonderful garden of spring flowers? I am so jealous!! Your doc appointment will bring you great news!!

Linda said...

Such beautiful flowers. I love your header, too. Greetings from Montreal, Canada.

Retired English Teacher said...

The flowers are lovely. I hope the appointment goes well. Keep us in the loop.