Monday, May 6, 2013

The Unexpected.....

 There's been a lot going on around me the past few days.  Ms G has been sunbathing.
 My brother, Ev came to New England on business, so he stayed at my house with Tiger. Here he is visiting with LM and Kristi, after they all enjoyed a nice seafood dinner.
My dear LM has finally kicked off the 2013 striped bass fishing season with great success. Some of his friends (we do not know which ones yet), put a sign at his sweet fishing spot. On Saturday night LM took a large group of his students from the past yea, on their first guided trip to try for bass.  The only person to catch a fish was LM.  oops! They all had fun, though

So, there has been lots of fun happenning for all those around me, but my elation over the good news from the doctor last week was dampened considerably when I awoke Friday morning about 3:00 am in major lower abdominal pain and shaking with chills.  I felt so tired that I barely dragged myself from my boss's house and the dogs, and got to work.  Within an hour, I called my doctor and asked to be seen. As always, they got me right in and were very surprised to be seeing me so soon after Monday's visit, where we had all shared the good news that my EKG had returned to normal, my BP was normal and my bloodwork showed major improvement from the toxicity I had shown 6 weeks ago. 
After taking my temp (elevated) and an exam, she determined I have an acute attack of diverticulitis.  I was sure this was all bladder related, but the swelling from the colon was pushing on my bladder to give similar symptoms.  So I spent the weekend with my doggy friends,very chilled, just barely moving, taking a nasty anti-biotic, on a liquid diet, and have just today started bananas, toast and applesauce.  There is improvement, but my strength has fled.  This is my second attack (what I thought was a bladder infection a year ago has now been ruled diverticlar, as well).  She says one more attack and I will have to have surgery.  Once I am healed from this, I am to very gradually increase my fiber intake. I am not quite sure how I can take in more than I already do, as I have been aware of the importance of fiber for years.  I will most likely have to add in psyllium but it must be done slowly. 

Meanwhile, there was fun happening all around me....I read books on my Kindle, sat in a sunny window and took 2-3 naps a day. Other than not feeling well, that was a pretty nice weekend, and one I know many would dream of.  I returned to my house yesterday morning and have just been resting more. Going to try work this morning. 


Linda said...

Oh dear, that sounds most unpleasant. I hope this week goes much better for you.

Judy said...

Hate that pain--never know if it is that, or colon obstruction, or kidney infection, bladder infection or, if on the right side, appendix problems. I just recently went through a day two bout of it--didn't go to the doc--just weathered it through--giving it three days before I sought help. It ended in two days and nights and hasn't come back, so...........someday I will get in deep trouble by self medicating.

MBG said...

Oh, I know that pain all too well - it is not fun! Hope that you are on the mend and soon will be feeling much better.