Thursday, May 9, 2013

T-Ball with Teddy

Oh, the cuteness of 4 year olds at their first day of t-ball.  After only one practice session, the very patient and helpful coaches gathered all these little ones for their first game. Teddy is #7 for the Mud Cats, in the picture above and the one below, he is to the far left.  When he saw me by the could hear "that's my Nana, David"  all across the park.  So funny.  Kristi and I joined Alison and Jason to watch this grand event on a very chilly morning almost 2 weeks ago.

Teddy walking up to the plate for his first turn at bat....several times he turned around and was carefully guided back.
Careful instruction.....

After the festivities at the ball park, we drove the short distance to Teddy's house where Kristi and I would be in charge of Teddy while his Mum and Dad went to work for awhile.  I was already under the weather and took a nap in the family room while Teddy took Kristi upstairs to his playroom to meet all the toys.  I loved hearing all their discussion while I drifted off into my nap. After lunch, we suddenly could hear a large truck backing up the street - beep, beep, beep...and soon enough this is what we found when we looked out to investigate.  Jason coming to collect Teddy for a ride in one of his big boy toys.

Jason put Teddy up on the trailer and told him to hold on tight as they were going to work....that didn't last long, and soon Teddy was happily seated safely in the co-pilot seat and they were off.  Kristi and I set off on a trip to find her some new and sturdy summer sandals and a few other fun errands.
I am beginning to feel so much better and having a lot to do as our trip to the sisters' reunion in Canada is now less than 2 weeks away.
Happy Thursday and lots of love to you all.....Happy birthday, Albie and Merry, and belated wishes to Eileen.


Judy said...

Oh--I remember these first days of when they learned all about baseball and, just as wonderful, the years later when they were teens and took it much more seriously. My youngest ones don't play baseball and I miss going to the games. Teddy is a darling boy!!! who loves his Nana very much! Glad you are doing better!

Retired English Teacher said...

I have some shots of my grandson that I took through the fence a few weeks ago while he was playing baseball for the middle school where he goes. They grow up too fast. Treasure these times and these memories.

Hughes ap Williams said...

A few years ago I was doing a photo-shoot of little league opening day. I got such a laugh photographing the t-ball kids. At one point the coach went down the bench lining up the kids in the order they would be at bat, "okay, you sit here . Now Bob you are next...sit here. Kelly, you are number stay right here..." and so on down the bench. He got to the end of the row and, with a satisfied look on his face, he turned around....and found all the kids had jumped up and were excitedly milling around.