Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fishing Rights and Visitors

Some moments that happened while I was very sick with diverticulitis several weeks ago....my fisherman, LM, arrived at his very favorite fishing spot to find that someone had put up a sign designating said fact!  Of course, the proud "site owner" had to have his photo taken at his spot.  The sign maker remains anonymous but there are suspects, and they are part of LM's posse that fish the same area day in, day out nearly year 'round.  
Also that weekend, brother, Evie, paid a visit with his handsome sidekick, Tiger.  He was up to NE from Baltimore on a little business trip and just had to see the Cape and walk the beaches. He and Tiger had a great time walking the National Seashore at Race Point in Provincetown for several hours.  We only saw each other briefly because my illness had me sleeping on and off all weekend.  Hope he comes back again soon!

Our trip to Canada is getting closer and the excitement is building!!  I will be as faithful as possible in capturing the memories to share.

Love to all!


Retired English Teacher said...

No one should doubt whose fishing spot is whose. To LM: Happy fishing!

To you: Keep getting better. I'm glad you had a visitor. Get strong for your trip.

Judy said...

I think you posted something like this earlier--I love that LM's friends put up that sign and I AM SO GLAD you are feeling better!!!