Sunday, October 7, 2012

Canda trip - Day 2 and 3

After a luxurious and wonderful night's sleep at the Wooden Boat Inn, we found breakfast at a very cute oldtime place called The Castle, and then headed north a few miles to Alexandria Bay, NY.  There we purchased our tickets for the St Lawrence River cruise that would take us by and around many of the 1000 Islands. As you can see, the day was crystal clear and warm.  We had time to walk around the town a bit and do some shopping before the cruise.  My darling LM, bought me a beautiful pair of earrings as a trip memory.  At this point we are on the boat and backing out of the harbor.
Passing by Boldt Castle - it has a tragic/romantic history and most fortunately it is now run by a trust that will insure that the castle always remains open to the public and in beautiful condition....well worth following the link.
Many of the houses on these islands are typical of those built at the turn of the century - very lavish and architecturally interesting.

Love the porches on which I could visualize a peaceful nap and beautiful breezes.

Sail along with us and enjoy the sights!

Looking down on some fisherman.

Coast Guard Station! Nice duty.

Beautiful house and stonework.


About to pass under the bridge leading from the US to Canada.  We would travel over it the next morning as we made our way to Waterloo, Ontario, and my sister, Margaret.

We are on the return at this point and I enjoyed standing at the back of the boat and watching the sun sparkling on the wake.
The paddle wheel.

This charming house was my favorite. It is owned by the family of a Canadian gymnast who competed in the 2012 Olympics.

On the way back we stopped at Boldt Castle and looked up to see this seagull.  He stayed with us the entire trip. Freeloader!!
On the dock at Boldt Castle were a wedding party. They'd just been married at the castle.
Leaving Boldt Castle and heading back to the Alex Bay dock!  A glorious afternoon on the seaway, and we met some great local people to chat with and tip us off to the perfect sunset viewing point.
 After we left the boat, we did some more shopping and walking and then decided we must head south to Cape Vincent to make it for sunset, as recommended by our cruise friends.
Cape Vincent is a lovely old town at the mouth of the Seaway and Lake Ontario.  This spectacular house was very close to the point where we would catch the sunset.
A Coast Guard station at our viewing point. Our view was across to Wolfe Island in Ontario, and we were very happy to see a huge wind farm lit by the sunset.
We sat watching until the sun was gone, and felt so very fortunate to be able to share so much beauty. Also, we were virtually alone in this glorious place!
The next morning we were up early, packed, checked out of our sweet little haven, and on the road to finally see Margaret in her new home.   LM heads into the porch/kitchen to gather our cooler items.
The road to the US-Canada bridge in Alex Bay.
The bridge looked a bit steep and scary as it loomed up in front of us.

A blurry look down from the top

Approaching the border....very friendly officer and we were quickly on our way.
A fun tower offering a great 1000 Islands view.
The rest of the bridge.....
The main route from this point would be to take the busy cross-Canada hwy 401, but we made up our minds to drive the secondary roads and get the flavor of the cities and towns along the northern coast of Lake Ontario. 
 One must was to see parts of Kingston, Ont.  A very old city, Kingston has some beautiful and quaint architecture. I managed to catch a few shots between all my gawking out the window.  My niece, Emmy studied for a grad degree and lived in this area for awhile so she encouraged us to take a look.

 Loved this street sign in Kingston!!

After a few hours and consuming a Tim Horton Canadian Maple doughnut (yes, I did!!), we arrived at Margaret and Jerry's new home at the Luther Village Retirement Campus in Waterloo, Ontario.  These beautiful sunflowers volunteered in Margaret's garden....a very sunny greeting.
 Love the cow welcoming  us, and a little view of their new car.
 The porch reflects Margaret's love of gardening.  The Village provides the plants and gardeners to put them wherever you like. The old Mary St rocking chair has a pretty new cover and is a lovely spot from which to enjoy the garden.
 Lovely Fall doorway!

 I love the way Margaret took her collection of old plant containers and filled them with impatiens.
 The side porch.
What a joy to see this beautiful chair in M's new living room. Our grandmother sat in this chair in her sitting room for many, many of her years.  I love the way M has left the arms showing the worn spots from Nana's arms and hands....a lot of Johnny Cash and Lawrence Welk were enjoyed in this chair.  It has  chic new animal print upholstery and I do think our most wonderful grandmother would love it.
 Margaret putting the finishing touches on our dinner for our first night. 

We stayed in a very lovely guest suite in the Luther Village Main building for the 4 nights of our stay in Waterloo. it was heavenly being so close to my dear sister and her family.  Much more coverage to come. Stay tuned!

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judemiller1 said...

I love Kingston, Ont. St. Catherine's is also one of my favorite towns. Canada is just a really nice place.

Lois Evensen said...

What a beautiful trip! Your images are wonderful. I love how blue the water and sky are in your images.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Gracious!! I loved my trip. Some place I'll never get to see in person, but your photos were so much fun, and I loved all the lovely homes on the water's edge!! How sweet of LM to get you a nice new apair of ear rings!! (way to go LM!!) I've never been to Canada. Probably won't get there either. So glad you are taking me along with you on these trips so I can see the world!!!! LOL your sister's new place looks very nice!! ...debbie

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Marcia, thank you so much for all the sharing. Almost feel like I am along with you :)
Enjoy this special time
you make me wish so that I had
a travel companion - there are some driving trips I would love to
go on...