Sunday, September 2, 2012

Taking Time for a Date

With little time to just have time for each other, when last Sunday dawned a crystal clear day, we decide to leave mid afternoon and head to the outer Cape for a late lunch on the waterfront, and follow that up with a stop at some of the beautiful Cape Cod National Seashore beaches to see how their confirmation has changed since our last visit. After all,
we live on shifting sands making the beaches different with every visit. By going late in the afternoon, we avoided paying the hefty summertime access fees. Above is a shot from our table at Mac's Seafood at Wellfleet Harbor.  We reflected on our good fortune and had some delish seafood as we enjoyed watching boats come into the harbor after a day on the bay.
Flowers still blooming right beside our table.
Our view to the harbor from the table.
After lunch we walked around the docks and enjoyed looking at the boats. Below a shot of two well-used scallop draggers.
Looking toward Mayo's Beach
The first beach on our list was Ballston Beach (where a MA man was bitten by a great white shark earlier this summer). From the parking lot you can see huge dunes, some with old cottages atop. 
The walkway to the beach was fairly steep, but gimpy old bad-kneed me made it with a little help from LM. I was determined to get on to the beach.

We trudged toward the beauty!! 
The dunes were high above us on either side and the sun was just lighting the tops of the dune grass.
On our right was this house, precariously poised to fall off the dune cliff. So much erosion takes place each year and it was obvious that the owners have tried to shore it up, but there is no success in fighting mother nature. We will watch this in the future.

Looking north toward Provincetown. Many were still enjoying the early evening sun and breezes.
My favorite date surveys beach conditions to the south. 
His view
Another sweet old cottage on the edge.
This darling hideaway was nestled into a dune beside the passage way to the the name - The Bobwhite.

My Saltie makes another beach survey from the top of the cliff at Newcomb Hollow.
Our last stop was at the spectacular White Crest has been seriously eroded in recent years and the way down to the beach and is treacherously steep.
From the top of White Crest....note the signs!!
It is a stomach lurching view from atop White Crest.
I love the way the surf was catching the last rays of the day's sun.
A trip down or up is for young legs!
Looking south from atop White Crest.
We finished up our beach tour with ice cream at Savory in Truro and then made our way back to Chatham to watch the sunset at the Lighthouse.  Alas, no photos!  We were so relaxed and happy, and really felt we had stepped off the wild ride that seems to be our life, and enjoyed our beautiful world and relationship for an afternoon!