Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Red Sky in the Morning

Although not official, it certainly feels like summer ended abruptly with Labor Day.  After a beautiful and productive weekend, this morning brought a crimson sky, cool air, and little showers.  Back to school for many this morning, and back to a very busy office for yours truly. 

Friday night brought LM and I together, and we shared such a happy and busy 3 days. We launched in to some organizing and cleaning projects at his house and accomplished an amazing amount of work, interspersed with some fun movie watching, preparing some nice meals together, and rides to the beach for evening moon watching.  Just lovely! 

Welcome Fall......this was a very hot, humid and long summer.  In less than two weeks now, we will be on the road again to visit Canada and my sister, Margaret.  Can't wait!!   In the meanwhile, this weekend I am looking forward to a reunion with a childhood friend.  Recently I was told that nostalgia is good health-inducing....certainly my health will be perfect soon. I've recently experienced a reconnection with a much-loved cousin, and now several childhood friends will be visiting.  We shall see. 

Love to all!!  

PS.  Ms G only has eyes for LM


Anonymous said...

So glad you had a wonderful Labor Day! Happy you and LM had a busy but fun weekend! AND!! going to Canada again to visit your sister! Just seems like you were there! Time flies!! I love getting with our High School Buddies. Happy to hear your feeling pretty good right now! ...debbie

judemiller1 said...

I am so glad nostalgia is good for us--because I really get in it!!!