Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back to the Future

 Today I went way back in time to reunite with my very closest friend from childhood, after not seeing each other for decades.  Just the sound of her voice and laugh brought tears to my eyes and touched a very deep place in my soul.  Meet, Priscilla, she is going to be  a very happy part of my future.  I've missed and longed for her friendship, for the way we laughed together and could share so honestly. In my early years, Priscilla, an only child, lived in a neighboring town.  Very often she would be seen riding her handsome horse by our house, long blonde hair flowing and always with a smile. Eventually we began chatting with each other on these rides by, and a great friendship was born.  Priscilla has wonderful memories (more in depth than mine at times) of life in my childhood home.  She was often at our table and always welcomed into our noisy and busy household.  After school I would walk several miles to her house and we would talk and talk and talk.  Priscilla was the first to get a driver's license and then we were off, either in her blue Nash Rambler or her Dad's wonderful white Ford Thunderbird with red interior. We spent hours "cruising the drag" and watching the  boys, giggling hysterically at the nicknames we had for them all.  There were lots of double dates, hours of gossip, and many a time of angst.  Alas, she went off to college, and I followed in a different direction the next year, and thus began long, long times of not seeing each other.
Today we were back together again at her sweet house on a little pond right here on Cape Cod!!  I took a chance and sent a letter to the last address I had, and sure enough, I quickly got a call and a time to meet was made.  Interestingly, our lives have many parallels. We both gave birth to two girls and a boy and have both been married numerous times, have had some physical challenges and now live alone.  Below - Priscilla on the dock in front of her house.  The beauty of this all, is that as children, we would go to this pond and cottage with her parents, and on today's visit, I found this beautiful spot virtually unchanged. It is lovingly maintained by Priscilla.
 Looking back up the hill from the beach
 View from the top
 The same trees, still creating a beautiful whisper in the breezes
 Back porch!

 On the hillside in a huge patch of lily of the valley, are the ashes of all Priscilla's ancestors who've loved this beautiful place of peace.
 After a little visit, Priscilla and I set out for a cat show nearby - yes, she has always been crazy about cats, too.  The highlight of the show was getting to meet Toto the Tornado Kitten  You can become a friend of Toto's on Facebook, as I am!!!  Here he is eating potato chips, and he eats fruit, too!  What a great cat and it is amazing story.

 Priscilla greet Toto
 and, almost the highlight of my day,I got to cuddle Toto!!!  I bought two of Toto's books....yes he is a published author with all book proceeds going to the Animal Rescue League of Boston.  Toto's, Dad, Jonathan was nice enough to take this picture of me with Toto (and he gave me a warm hug, too!   We followed up the cat show with a lovely lunch at a local tea room and a visit back at Priscilla's house.  My heart is so filled with the wonder of the life I was given as a child and gratitude for her friendship.
Please don't tell Ms G about today.......


judemiller1 said...

OHMIGOSH--I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am about this post. To find your best childhood friend and that she is now so near! This is a real miracle sent to both of you. You are going to have so many good times together, once again. This just made me cry I am so, so happy for both of you. By the way--her cottage home is lovely and I am so glad she is living there--with her heritage.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thanks so much Judy....I, too, keep crying everytime her voice rings in my ears. It takes me so far back and her memory of my family is so keen with many times I don't remember! What a time, and now to be preparing this week to visit my sister in much happiness.
On the day I return...another very close friend from HS will be coming to stay with me for several days. So much nostalgia. They say it is good for your health. We shall see.
Have a happy day.

judemiller1 said...

If nostalgia is good for one's health--I must be the healthiest person alive!!!