Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

House sitting leads to some unexpected and memorable times in our lives!
We had a sweet little celebration  alone at my boss's house. When I arrived they had left me a beautiful tree with presents. So sweet and the lights twinkling at night were so lovely! As you can see, when LM arrived on Christmas morning, he got a royal greeting from Sammy, complete with a plea to throw the tennis ball!

LM truly surprised me with the gift of a lovely ring and a beautiful love letter!  Inside the love letter were also two funny Christmas morning pictures of MS G in bed with her two donkey friends (thanks Debbie)!  LM is my perfect match as we share such a warped sense of humor.
You can see my what-looks-like-a-dead-possum fut coat behind me there.  It was cold that day!  I've had the coat for years and only need to take it out several times a year.

LM Loved his new mercury glass lamp for the table beside his living room chair.

This picture of Teddy, taken on his birthday in December was accidently downloaded into this post and I cannot remove it, so here he is in all his sweetness on his 3rd birthday.

The mantle at my boss's house (r)
 below, a very unusual and pretty poinsetia on the coffee table, and the dining room table centerpiece where we later enjoyed a totally indulgent and delicious Christmas dinner of Alaskan king crab legs and broiled swordfish.  It truly was a perfect day for just us!

After we had dinner, and as we were doing the dishes we noticed the sky becoming very dark and the wind picking up, and within minutes we were in a full-fledged snow squall with hail, etc.  It lasted for about 20 minutes.  We hustled out to the car and drove about 1/2 mile to the beach and caught the storm clouds as they moved out over the Atlantic and Pleasant Bay.  You can see the precipitation coming down from the clouds over the water. Very dramatic. 
Below is another shot of the tree....we had a perfect day - simple.  We are so very fortunate to have each other, our love, our families, and to live in such great beauty.

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Anonymous said...

Riht this very minute we are having a blinding snow squall - you can hardly see to the end of the yard!! Yesterday was 60. Their tree is so pretty!! How sweet of LM to give you a ring AND a Love letter! He is so sweet!!Then are you. I'm glad the donkeys are keeping Ms G company. I'm sure they are pleased to be inside with her. I hope your rested up for work tomorrow! I've got an apt with my retina specialist to check on my Viseral Detachment. Just a yearly thing. Nothing wrong. Have a good day !! ...debbie