Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

Here they are, the stars of our Christmas Eve!
Samantha and Teddy had so much fun and brought us all so much joy. Samantha was so happy to be with her cousin and was a vision all dressed up in a beautiful blue velvet dress.

Alison always makes sets the table so beautifully!
Teddy's "friends" lined up and waiting to greet us as we arived!
LM, complete with bow on his ear, and Kristi, in her Christmas Sweater, enjoying Christmas Eve dinner.
Our dear hostess Alison and LM's daughter, Meggie

Nana with Samantha and Teddy having a great laugh.  They were actually trying to cajole me into allowing them to blow out the centerpiece candle. They did wait until after dessert, but it was  a challenge
Teddy hamming it up as we unwrapped presents.
Sara and Samantha....such a joy to see them happy and have them with us.
Mr technology and Meggie have fun with pictures on the phone. Meg is doing wonderfully in nursing school and you can see on her lap the study guide we gave her as a gift. Below, Teddy caught in a quiet moment with LM's cell funny.

Samantha's one Christmas wish was for a light-up magic wand....LM makes it work and was her hero.
Teddy with his handmade alligator....he loved it....When you roll it, the mouth opens and makes quite a noise.  I had it made by a man I met at a craft show.
Well, finally I was able to make some sense out of this post.  Blogger is still very obstinate.
We loved this Christmas celebration and it was everything we could have asked and more, just having the little ones and loving family close.


Lois Evensen said...

Thank you for sharing your Christmas with the rest of us. You have a beautiful family. :) I especially like that rolling alligator at the end and the handsome guy holding it. :))

Anonymous said...

Certainly enjoyed your Christmas! Looks like everyone is having a grand ole' time. Espically the little ones. Of course Teddy isn't really so little any more!! He is growing so fast! Isn't it funny how a lighted Magic Wand can make a child's wish come true?! Aaaah, the magic of Christmas!! ...debbie