Friday, December 23, 2011

Little Known Facts

I don't think I've ever mentioned that I live on the first floor of a house that has a clock shop in the walkout basement.  My neighbor takes in clocks of all kinds for restoration/repair.  Being home alot the past few weeks as I fight off the respiratory ailment living in my chest, I've been so aware of the clocks as they chime the hour and the half-hour. It is really a lovely ambience and the sounds are so varied.  Once in awhile there will be a cuckoo clock and that will make me laugh, and I love the very deep sounds of the many grandfather clocks.  I love the quiet of no TV or other noises in my own space, and find it puts me in an almost meditative state, thus when the chimes sound, it takes me to the very lovely memory of a yoga teacher sounding her bells to end a meditation. So beautiful and brings one right to present consciousness.  The sounds really touch my soul. 
The main body of the clock shop is right under my bedroom, so at night, there are frequent sounds, although I do think the shop owner silences the noisy ones.  Often I pick up on the sounds of the malfunctioning clocks and they will keep striking continuously for ages and at odd times.  It never bothers my sleep and I am strangely comforted by the symphony issuing from below in the night on the odd occasion that I am not sleeping. My grandparents had many chiming clocks in their house and I loved staying there and hearing the tick tock and the chiming in the night.  It was great fun to go round with my "Di-Di" (grandfather) as he wound the clocks and made sure the time was correct.

Off to get some more sleep in an effort to rout out my malady.
Looking forward to Christmas eve with Teddy and Samantha and others tomorrow evening.  The joy of children is like none other.

May happiness, peace, joy, love and acceptance abound for you all.


Anonymous said...

Bob's daddy was a clock builder and did repairs also!! Their house was FULL of Clocks, and they all went off every 15 min. to a every hour. Since his death, we have most of the clock and to those who aren't used to the sounds of clocks, don't sleep well here. Like you, I find them very comforting and really am not aware when all the chimming goes off. It's been part of my house for 40 years!! Marcia, wishing you the BEST Christmas!! Hoping you feel better in the days ahead so you can enjoy Christmas and the New Year! Tell LM and Ms G to have a great day too!! love ya'....debbie

Jeff- in the Berkshires said...

I too grew up in a house with a grandfather clock that my great-great grandfather made and several others that also chimed and ticked. Now that the grandfather clock has been passed down to me, I find its sounds comforting in the night.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!