Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

May 2012 be a year of peace, love and enlightenment to all my wonderful readers, friends and family.
I am house sitting for my boss until January 8.  The peace, sunny windows and my big doggie friends are starting the New Year off on a good note. LM and I hunkered in there last night and enjoyed some  movies and the quiet.

I've had some very annoying computer issues and am contemplating a new computer? Tablet?  Not sure.  Would appreciate any feedback.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying my new car, and savoring the glow from or lovely Christmas. In less than 2 weeks I will have a new co-worker and I think she will be just great.

Quilting continues and I am about to send three to the quilter in 2 weeks so will be working on the backing for them tomorrow.  These long weekends have been such a gift. Amidst the quilting I am making a scarf for LM's daughter, Meggie. It is with two yarns...a soft gray baby alpaca and a white very fine mohair. It is coming along beautifully on some new sz 7 needles that knit so easily.

Many people I love have suffered some losses and are dealing with illness/surgery and lots of positive loving energy is being sent their way, as I spend time appreciating all I have and trying to love in a more accepting and quiet manner. Not always easy.

So, as an apple pie surprise is baking and scenting my house delightfully, I will try to go back into the morass of this computer and Blogger, and FINALLY post the pictures of our sweet Christmas, elegantly hosted by Alison, Jason and Teddy.

Happy New Year.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you've got 3 going to the quilters! I've got one to go. I've got one started. Will e-mail you about it. The scarf your knitting sounds really beautiful!! So glad you've had a restful Holiday. Hoping 2012 will bring you nothing but Good Health and much happiness!!! Love ya' ...debbie