Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Walking the Herring River Uplands

From the very delayed posting department, I can report that today is a much better day. I was even able to sneak in a visit with Ms G last night after my yoga class. She was needing a fresh supply of her favorite treats (notice she dines on her own table in front of the fireplace)
Can't tell whether this look is the incredulous, "why do you spend one minute worrying" gaze or the "what are you doing here on a weeknight, I'm busy with LM" stare. Oh well, I got a brief opportunity to pat her and she was back to LM's lap.
The lovers........(this is an older picture but a favorite of mine and a moment that is repeated numerous times each day)
Anyway, a week ago last Sunday, in another lovely woodland walk, we explored the area around the Harwich River herring run. We didn't see any herring but they are known to be running right now.
This gull is the giveaway....He would not be hanging around if there were no possibilities of food. I loved the red glow of the Fall leaves in the water.
Trees still hanging over the trails after some heavy winter storms.
Fallow bogs. It amazes me how many bogs are hidden throughout this area. It was so peaceful as we walked through this beautiful place, and we imagined all the people who worked these bogs at one time.
The edge of the fallow bog was teeming with little creatures and the warm sun made us want to linger.
We walked up a hill and came upon this unusual green box in the woods. Any idea what it could be???
A close-up of one end of the base.
Here's the is. Tick control. An effort to control the dangerous deer tick population.
When I got home that night, even after a careful skin and clothing check, LM and I found we had deer ticks crawling on us. While reading in bed that evening, I felt a tick fall from my hair to my shoulder and then on to the pillow. They are so tiny and are like black specks.

Thank you all for you encouragement and wise comments yesterday. This venue is so much a stream of consciousness for me, and truly reflects the ebb and flow of being a woman, a mother, etc. Each day brings me renewal in some form, and I'm grateful for the friendship in this little community giving me a leg up at times. There is such comfort in the sharing.
Onward to a sunny day!


judemiller1 said...

I also find the comment left on my blog to be so helpful and encouraging.

Deer Ticks--YIKES!! bE CAREFUL. You certainly don't want to get Lyme's Disease.

Kittie Howard said...

Ms G never fails to entertain, but, humph, if you feel like the nanny sometimes, I fully understand. Those grey-faces have a way of working their magic on the guys, LOL!

A beautiful walk...and all that seafood. In the book Mayflower, your area is like the D-Q. But, be careful. Lymne's disease is serious stuff. Hate to say this GF, but a cousin of mine died from it.

(I've crossed another hurdle with the book and hope to visit more often now. Gosh, but there's more behind the scenes than writing it!)

Retired English Teacher said...

Yes, indeed, watch out for the deer ticks. Here we have to watch out for ticks also. They are red and cause Rocky Mountain Fever.

I'm glad you are doing better today.