Friday, April 22, 2011

In the Absence of News

Good Friday! It always feels a little somber to me, although, my views on religion have changed with age, a deep spiritual feeling resides within, and that place is one of comfort now as we await news on Vanessa. We know it is going to be a very long process, thus, an idea came to mind yesterday that John and I could make some bracelets to give to those who hold vigil with us, especially V's family members who've not left her side since this began. I'm looking for ideas of a material we could braid, would be durable, yet soft, waterproof....any out there would be appreciated. I plan to go to our local jewelry findings store tomorrow. We thought we'd incorporate a purple glass touchstone bead on each to symbolize peace, healing and serenity. That's where we are for now, and all lit candles and prayers of positive thought, are so welcome.

As we head in to this weekend, I'm looking forward to some time with Samantha and Sara, and perhaps the rain will not preclude our planned Easter egg hunt in Chatham tomorrow.

LM, John and I will collaborate on a dinner Sunday, and we'll plan on a walk. We're cultivating times of peace. I was so exhausted last night after work, that I walked in to my house and directly to my bed, and dove under the covers, work clothes and all. I was asleep immediately and never moved for 2 hours. I'd barely made it through the afternoon. Today feels much better!
Hope it does for you all as well.


judemiller1 said...

The bracelets sound like a neat idea--I love the idea of the stone to rub and touch--so soothing. I hope you have a lovely Easter with family.

One Woman's Journey said...

Take care
Remembering all in prayer

Retired English Teacher said...

I like the idea of the bracelet. I think you are such a blessing to LM and everyone associated with his family.