Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vanessa - Update

Our vigil continues, as Vanessa remains in very critical condition. Surgery, scheduled for yesterday, has been postponed until Thursday, as she needs to be a bit more stable.
We just continue to keep our candle lit and our minds as positive, as possible. The wait is stressful but V's mother has remarkable strength and inner peace, and has not left her beloved daughter's side for almost 2 weeks. Recovery from a severe brain injury is a long term ordeal, and it is so early on. We continue to send she and V's father the strength to step back when they can and resume a bit of their lives.
We had a lovely Easter day.....several pictures of LM, Meg and John. It was a lovely and unexpectedly warm day.Jose, Meg, John, his friend, Nicole
That is really all I know right now. I'm tired, stressed and neglectful of my meditation and yoga today, so tomorrow will be just for me to work on centering.

This makes me very happy......Ms G has been so sweet lately with John....not unusual now, for her to be found sitting next to him upstairs on his bed. She knows, who needs what, when they need it!


Anonymous said...

Ms G wears many hats: guardian, sassy pants, lover, thief, hussy, Queen, Snooty booty, care~taker, box sitter, paper eater, and bird watcher. She must stay very busy!!
Glad you had a nice Easter. I'm hoping Vanessa will have her surgery. I have my candle on my desk and light it daily. The name of the candle smell is "Hot Buns". Smells delicious and girlie. My thoughts and prayers continue for her and her family and John....debbie

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Oh, yes, indeed, she is busy. One part of her job we've failed to mention is her serious napping. Takes a lot of lunch today she was busy holding LM hostage in a chair while she had a nap on his lap. Poor guy, and he had fishing to do, and friends waiting to have coffee with him,etc.
Such a life.
Hope you are coping OK. Thank you for the candle and prayers for V. We are holding on to all the good thoughts. I fear that John is in for a tough time when reality hits.

Victoria said...

How sweet that Mrs. G is comforting John. Cats are so intuitive.

I feel for Vanessa's parents. I remember those long, long days sitting by the beside of my nephew. My sister ended up resigning from her job once FMLA ran out. Hard days.

I continue to think of you all and send lots of prayers your way.

Retired English Teacher said...

This post about Mrs. G and John is awesome. I can't imagine what Vanessa's parents are going through. I know you all are such great supports.