Thursday, August 5, 2010


Finally some scenes from the party last Saturday to celebrate Jason's 40th birthday....I still have no idea how that happened when I am still in my 20's....oh well!
Flowers from LM's neighbor's garden to decorate the table....the garage was perfect for setting up the food table.
Alison and Teddy....
Alison cooked great hamburgers and many other delicious foods
Sara and Samantha.....she was in a very shy mood that day....this too shall pass. She's a mini-me at that age, poor girl.
LM intently listens to all the family chatter, and Kristi thoroughly enjoyed her day, and looked so pretty in her matching turquoise outfit!

Two of my dear brothers....Sam and Ev
Teddy was enthralled by the balloons and thought no one was watching...
check out the foot as he contemplates his moves.

Nana and Teddy!
I love my brothers! Hate that awful orange fleece but it really got cool!
Birthday "boy!!"
Cousins on the wall...Nate, Martin and Danny
They had a lot of fun skateboarding on Jason's precipitous driveway. Note the skateboard casualty. I believe Martin owes Nate a new board.
LM and Teddy at the wall....
Teddy and some friends with technology! He loves cell phones!
Trish shares a cuddle with Teddy

As we were getting ready to leave, Teddy was determined to squeeze himself between my car and his Daddy's car....quite the unsuccessful struggle!

It really was a lovely day, and I think you can guess that the little ones were the stars for the day.
Meanwhile, things are very busy at used to be Chez Ms G. Jeff and Laurie's wedding is Saturday (weather is perfect), the dressmaker is in the hospital so I've had to alter my dress myself (read, make it smaller!), and I am knee deep in another quilt project with a very tight deadline. This quilt is sort of a reprise of the wedding quilt I made for Jeff.

Thinking of everyone out there!


Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Looks like such a fun day! :) Teddy is an absolute doll! ♥

Anonymous said...

Not sure what happened to the first comment..but what I wanted to say was that the Birthday party looked like a lot of fun and that I hoped your dress and quilt were done in time for the wedding. Only one day to get them all finished!! Have a great wedding and weekend...debbie

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thanks Debbie and Erin....I do go on like a true doting grandmother but I cannot help it. LOL
The I altered the dress this morning and it came out perfectly. The quilt for this wedding was wrapped beautifully and presented last week. The quilt I'm working on now is for an Oct 17 wedding. So far, so good, as I have 7/8th of the top done.
Always happy that you stop by.

Julie said...

Boy Teddy looks just like you! What a cutie pie he is. You are blessed with a great family, so happy.
Enjoy tomorrow!!!


Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thank you Julie....I'm always so happy to hear from you..
Have a wonderful weekend. I'll be back with wedding pictures next week.

Poppy said...

Teddy and Samantha are getting so big and they're just gorgeous :) The flowers for Jason's birthday were beautiful...the colors so bright and bold! Looks like it was a wonderful family day! I miss those!