Monday, August 23, 2010

Jaxson Rides Again

All because his Mommy would not let him get on the stove to investigate her food preparation skills, Jaxson, HAD to jump up on the top of the kitchen door. He thought, perhaps he could leap over her head and get to the stove from there. One hitch in the plans, though......each time he attempted to jump, the door would move and scare him back to his perch. Ah, cats have it tough.
Sharing a little laugh with you on a very dark and rainy Monday here. I'm actually loving the rain, and on the way back to work at lunch, I thought I could see the flower gardens smiling in thanks. As beautiful as this summer has been, it came at a dear cost to the gardens. Now they can really take a deep breath and give us some of their glory before the first frost falls.
Stay tuned for some fun stuff from the weekend when I can finish the downloads.


Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Hahah, that is soo adorable! :)

Is it as chilly on Cape Cod as it is on Long Island? I'm ready to bring out my heavy quilts!

Kittie Howard said...

OMG, which planet have I been on? Where did Jason come from? He's a cutie. I'm in love! (Don't tell Ms G!!)

Anonymous said...

What a nut! Jaxson must be a real character. I bet once he got close to the top of the stove and felt a little heat, he'd change his mind. Meanwhile, I guess you'll find him riding the kitchen door!! lol...debbie