Monday, June 7, 2010

Touches of Love

The past few weeks have been very fragmented in my world. I am pulled in many, many directions, much of it is good, some just challenging, but then, that is life. As I endeavor to flow with it all, be in it, feel, savor, etc, there is a struggle. I am so analytical and do way too much examining of every detail to the point that I make myself emotionally fragile with what if's, why's and, if only's, leading me to my frequent un-friend, DOUBT. All of this is about as annoying as Blogger NOT letting me download photos of all the fun and beautiful things happening.
During all this time, many of the challenges are on LM, too. His life has barely been his own, and it has been almost impossible for us to eke out time together. Amidst it all, though, he has the magic touch. I'm apt to be found in a state of exhaustion, hip screaming, head pounding, and he will walk by me, take the back of his hand and very gently nudge my cheek, all the while looking at me saying, "I know, we will make time for each other, and just look, as crazy as it is, we are together." He is such a gift. All my life, I can remember my Dad giving my Mum the same little touch on the cheek. Interesting, that now, as I continue to mourn Dad's absence, this little nudge from LM gives me such comfort and ease.

On Saturday, I had a lovely afternoon with dearest friend, Sue. We celebrated her birthday and had a great time visiting re-sale and antique shops in Brewster and Orleans.

The quilt is progressing well and should be to the professional quilter within 2 weeks. I'm just awaiting arrival of the border fabric. The process has been such fun and come together very quickly considering all the other demands I have right now....carving some time each day to sew is very soothing.

Kristi's mother is in the hospital, and we have been quite concerned about them both. Hopefully, she will be home today. LM has been on-top of things. We saw Kristi yesterday and she is very stressed and that is sad as she really cannot express those emotions.

When I can post some photos, there will be some fun stuff here!
Happy week to everyone....


Linda said...

I look forward to seeing your pictures when you and blogger are on more friendly terms.

I also look forward to you and LM carving our more time for yourselves, and so does Ms Graysea.

Anonymous said...

I'm anxious to see the new quilt! Who is this one for? I guess Blogger was out most of the morning. I didn't get anyone's post until evening! I was wondering what happened. Glad you had a nice visit with your friend. Happy Belated Birthday to her. I am having my 62 nd on Saturday. Can't imagine I am going to be 62. I remember when my mom was 62. E-Gads....debbie

One Woman's Journey said...

My computer is now running with fast dsl and a lot of issues going on over the last month are calming down - so I caught up on a number of your entries.
Your latest post - sounds like me over the last month. You are exhaused and need to take time for "yourself". You are saturated with "others". Take care and may you be "happy, safe, healthy and at peace".

Kittie Howard said...

Looks like Blogger has been sprinkling crumbs everywhere, problems here, too. But I broke out into a wide grin when I saw the quilt fabric. Another beauty in the making. I'm really happy the group contines (and Happy Birthday to Sue).

Teddy is growing so fast. And what a handsome young boy he is. The most angelic face!

About Ms G, hmph! That's exactly how Chena stretched out in front of hub. If he were walking by she'd try to paw his ankle. Totally shameless and, truth be told, didn't care, LOL, kitties are a hoot!

Your nemesis is appropriately named. Oy!

You're not showing up on the blogroll, so thought you'd disappeared. Happy all's well!

Poppy said...

I'm so glad you have Lou to still your troubled waters...