Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memory Scents

Many of us dream of having a magic carpet, some would like to go back to a time in the past, or some to a place far away. Last night as I opened a new box of Earl Grey tea, the scent drifted quickly to my nostrils and a deep inhale presented my magic carpet. In the blink of an eye I was transported to the 70's. There I was in our travel trailer, taking out a box of Earl Grey to make tea for my friend, Jane, who had joined us for a weekend away with her son, Brandon. Jason was about 5. It was a bit chilly, and while the boys played outside on our campsite, we were sipping tea and having the best discussions about our lives at the time.
Just a little moment in time.
The weekend is full of fun activities and I also hope to have time to post the house tour I did last week.
Peace and magic carpet rides to you ALL!


Anonymous said...

I've had many such carpet rides. One I remember very vividly: I was walking in the mall and all of a sudden I smelled Bob's mom's perfune. It stopped me dead in my tracks as I scanned the crowd. I saw a small black headed older woman walking alone. So I followed her and the perfume. I knew it wasn't her, for she had been gone for many, many years. But, I followed anyway, because from the back it looked like her. She went into Sears and I didn't follow. I sat down and did shed a tear. Feeling very foolish...but it was a magic carpet ride that day. It's amazing that smells can bring us back in time and remember such wonderful memories...debbie

Poppy said...

I love magic carpet ride moments! I never thought of those little snippets of vivid memory as such but what a perfect description!