Monday, June 14, 2010

My Famous Nephew

Most of you know Bob, the ever constant source of my fascination and admiration (shhhh, don't tell Ms G). He is just too much love, cuteness and fun in one feline suit. When he first came to live with my brother and wife, Trish, Bob suddenly became quite sick with a serious lower digestive area issue. After bringing him back from near death, the vet ordered Bob to eat pumpkin everyday to prevent a recurrence. One would think a cat would not eat such a thing, but Bob adores it, and dutifully he gets several spoons full daily. Recently, Trish discovered that pumpkin was not available in any stores for quite a distance around. Bob, having a very discriminating palette, will only eat One-Pie brand, and Trish has been told that there will be none available in stores until September. CRISIS time for Bob! Not for long, though. A call was put out to Bob's major Facebook fan club and soon enough, people came from far and wide to deliver their spare cans of pumpkin, thus, ensuring a happy cat.
Amazing the power of the internet!
Love me some Bob!


Linda said...

Oh, this is a wonderful story. I don't think I've met Bob before. He looks like a personality plus cat.

Anonymous said...

What a great story! I love it! I remember his baby pictures, he was quite active and getting into trouble if my memory serves me correctly! He's a cute little guy. Is he still a silly kitty? I bet he ...debbie

Julie said...

He looks so soft and cuddly!! I love Bob.


Poppy said...

How cute!