Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Weekend

We had a lovely sunny day here yesterday, and LM and I worked in his yard and garden almost all day. Cutting, lopping, digging, planting (some primroses), raking, and pulling out old rose briars, were just a part of what we did and my body is aching all over.....good feeling, actually. Even after all the work, LM cooked me a beautiful fish dinner last night and we collapsed in front of a DVD which we barely got through.....sleep was never so welcome.

Today we got up to dreary cold drizzle! What a contrast. I worked outside a little bit more and then cleaned and organized some kitchen cupboards. Late morning we headed in town to visit with Kristi and take her on some errands. After taking Kristi home we stopped and had a late lunch and then came back to the house where I intended to pack up my stuff and head home early, as I really need some time to prepare for our trip to Baltimore this week. We got out of the car and for some reason I went to the garden shed and got out the loppers and rake again...I am a glutton for punishment. All of a sudden we both had a huge burst of energy and went to the very back of the property where 5 scraggly pine trees have been annoying me for ages - they'd grown up under two other lovely graceful trees and due to no sunshine, they were very scraggly and never going to thrive. LM had been saying, no to taking them down, but today he caved and we began an hour of very intense work. We laughed and joked the whole time and it was the perfect way to end our weekend together. It looks so nice now! Needless to say, I am just barely walking right now, but at least I am home and about to get myself moving on some trip prep....maybe. Time is short as I am out tomorrow night at my wonderful new meditation class, and Tuesday night I am treating myself to a facial.
I'd been in a note so happy mood as the weekend approached, but the hard work really kicked that mood out and up.
That's about the story here. Cannot wait to be on the road to the airport. Wishing everyone a great week.


Kittie Howard said...

Just don't tell Ms G what you're up to!!

Cape Cod Kitty said...

LOL, Kittie.....she is already suspicious....the second a suitcase is moved, she is on full alert.
She will be well-cared for by LM's sister who is delighted to come to the Cape for a mini-vaca and she is a cat lover.
See you soon!

One Woman's Journey said...

I can see your garden in my mind's eye. It is being restored to a special beauty. I love this type of work. Really not work - but it is tiring. Thank you for visiting me!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you and LM have a wonderful, wonderful holiday!! Ms G will forgive you the day after you get back, but not before. lol . I'm sure her nose is already out of joint. You need to show pictures of your handiwork out back. It probably looks just wonderful, and now the other trees can grow better. Enjoy yourselves!!...debbie

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thank you everyone.....I will post pictures of the back yard work after we get the tree trunks and stumps cut. Have to get my son to come over with his chainsaw. Watch out!
So rewarding to get the work done!

Poppy said...

"she is already suspicious....the second a suitcase is moved, she is on full alert. "

Reminds me of our cat, Sadie. When the suitcase came out of storage and I began to pack a few things here and there she'd plant herself in it. I'd run her out and as soon as my back was turned...she'd be back in. The only way to keep her out was to actually zip it. Otherwise she could work the top up. Once I zipped it...she's still sit on it. It was the funniest...yet saddest thing.

Sounds like all is going well...think of you often!