Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Memories of a Kiss, Toaster Oven Fire Makes Ms G a Happy Girl!

Last Saturday was a pretty gloomy day. We had a lot of things to do, and plans were interrupted by an unexpected errand, so I was not in the mellowest of moods. As we headed to the north side of the Cape to do the errand, LM took a detour and drove me to the site of our first kiss! What a guy....yes, this is the site, just in front of where that car is parked, sunset, August 12, 2007. Still makes my heart leap....awwwww. Last Saturday was really stormy, and what seemed like hundreds of seagulls, were resting on the beach. As I got out to take a picture, they all lifted off. An amazing sight and very noisy!

After that sweet little trip down memory lane, we returned to LM's house with our big purchase of the morning, a new toaster oven. Two evenings prior, LM got sidetracked and forgot he was making toast, until he heard the smoke alarm go off! Flames and smoke were consuming the old toaster oven! He was able to pick it up and get it out the back door before any more damage was done. Close call for the kitchen and LM.

Anything new is a great adventure for Ms G if it has tape and other noisy/sticky things inside. She immediately sat upon the new box and waited for the grand opening. (I mean, does it seem like our life is truly boring???? The cat is our entertainment?)
She's waiting, we drag out the suspense...
There is a lovely sticky tape handle on top! Oh, please hurry, she says.
The great unveiling. More tape and plastic to lick.
See all those boxes in the living room.....grrrrrr. I am practicing self-restraint (somewhat unsuccessfully) and not saying a word about them. They house only a minute fraction of LM's priceless collection of first editions of fishing literature. He'll get to it, eventually. Maybe sooner if I back off?

Can you see the hand of the instigator??
Someone else, NOT ME, stuck the tape strip on the coffee table. Mmmmmm good!

Truly amazing, the amount of money we spend to entertain this cat, not to mention burning the toast on purpose!

Guess who cleaned up the regurgitated tape on Sunday morning??


Linda said...

I love that cat. The more pictures the better.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Me, too, Linda. All was fine until she met(visited) a man with a very quirky house full of nooks and crannies, lots of sunny windows, and and endless supply of Whiskahs Temptations. She's refused to return to me! Fickle little traitor...the weekends cannot come fast enough for my visits. Truly, it makes me so happy that those two are so "in love." LM never had a cat before and she has won his heart.

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Sounds like a romantic day ♥

Love the kitty!! :)

Julie said...

You guys are not boring, because if you are than my husband and I are as well. We are entertained on a daily/nighly basis by our little princess. She loves tape, boxes, empty tuna cans, etc.
She is our child and we love her.



Anonymous said...

Good thing LM didn't burn down the kitchen! Then you'd have the bathroom AND the kitchen. lol. narrow escape! Such a romantic guy LM is! Just love him for that! The weather does look frightful there. Our weather has been beautiful. Ms G is in heaven I can tell! Hummmm...now who DID clean up the mess Sat morning...not Ms G...noooo, not LM....noooooo hummmm...that only leaves...??? lol...you!! lol ....debbie

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thanks, Everyone....There was no way I could capture the animation of the whole episode, but she was frantic with excitement. Funny critter!
Debbie, of course it was me that cleaned up the mess of "processed" tape. Fortunately on the pantry floor, and not on the bed!