Friday, April 23, 2010

Loving Stitches

Sunday, friend Sue, took the quilt to some of the other quilters and they worked, quilting bee-style, to sew down the binding. Some of these beautiful women took their first sewing stitches.
Here, Linda takes her turn. This shot really shows the beautifully soft flannel backing, chosen not only for warmth, but to keep the quilt from slipping off Diann's (giftee) lap.
Jerre, Sharon (first ever stitches!!), and Linda
Jerre, our hostess
Sewing in unison are Sharon and Linda
Several others from trimming the edges on Saturday night at Sue's.

There are two more, Dorna and Debra, to put their stitches into the binding and Project D will be finished except for the dedication label. Jerre, our contingent artist, is using her expertise to draw a very meaningful design, and we will all sign it.
Thank you everyone for the encouragement and lovely comments about our project. If only love and a quilt could cure ALS!!! Stay tuned.....


Poppy said...

I'm so giddy you'd think the quilt was for me :) It's beautiful!!

Linda said...

I didn't realize until just now the person receiving the quilt has ALS. God love her. It's hard to think of a more cruel disease.

It's been such a joy watching these ladies on this project.

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

I would so love to join a quilting group and learn how!