Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tying with Love

I'm really loving these Sunday afternoons with the quilting group, and it will be sad when it comes to an end. There is something so fulfilling about helping these wonderful women to create such a beautiful gift of love and healing.
Last Sunday was a lovely day, and after some leisurely morning time with LM and Ms G, as well, as some gardening, I was on my way to Sandwich, to pick-up Sue first.

The quilt body being sewn together by Sue on Saturday:

Hanging on Sue's fireplace.....we are really going to miss these beautiful colors.
My godson, Jaxson, needed to show off for me. He was having a great time playing on the boxes of wood that were about to become new wood floors in "his" house the next day.
Next we were off to Jerre's house to begin the final steps. Jerre has been so kind through all this. Each week we are all greeted warmly, and invited to work in her lovely and naturally lit living room. Being surrounded by all her wonderful art is so inspiring, as well.

Sharon begins the day's process by trimming and squaring off the edges.
I'd brought "Teddy's quilt" to share .....Debra and I deep in discussion
Jerre had asked me to bring the book which details the first 10 years of "my" company's projects, so some of us did get off-subject a bit in discussions of architecture styles.
Holding the body of the quilt, now squared off, and ready for application of the first border.
Dorna irons...
Sharon samples some yummy peanut butter cookies
Jerre irons the border strips
Sue expertly sews on the first border strip. I just love that sunlight is shining on us all through this project.
Debra, Jerre and Dorna enjoy the view from the deck. The star magnolia, at its peak, was also lighting our day.
Dorna helps with sewing....lovely that everyone is having a hand in each part.
The top is done. As we all admire it we realize the photos make it look just like stained glass....a very memorable moment in the process....little miracles.
With all the borders sewn on, we are ready to apply the deliciously soft flannel backing.
Debra and Jerre prepare to cut the backing
The rest of our time was spent "making the sandwich." We cut the backing, then cut a piece of cotton filling to put between the back and the top of the quilt. Last part of this meeting was learning the process of tying the quilt together in random spots, using embroidery thread. I'd suggested sending the quilt out to be professionally quilted, but they all wished to use the tying method, making the finishing process more personal. This week, the women are meeting at convenient times to work on the tying and have it finished by Saturday. I will then return to Sue's to pick up this precious gift. Next step is to sew on the outer binding and have it ready to show them how to hand sew it down on the back. At our next meeting, we will sew on the custom designed label on which we will all have signed our names. Last but not least, we will present the gift!! Stay tuned for what I am sure will be an incredibly beautiful, poignant and tearful event.


Kittie Howard said...

OMG! Your quilt is a work of art. And, you're right, it does look like heavenly stained glass. What a fantastic, wonderful group.

tigger642005 said...

Your so right when you are standing infront of the window with it especially it almost looks like a window you would see at a church. It is such a wonderful, thoughtful project for someone. As always you are always involved with doing something nice for someone.

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful. Just beautiful and it certainly does look like a stained glass window. It is really coming along well. Rather quickly too! Cute little kitty~cat. I can't wait to hear about the the presentation to your dear friend. I'm sure she will be totally overwhelmed! such a wonderful thing for you gals to do!...debbie

Linda said...

This has been such a wonderful project I hate to see it end. It does look like stained glass.