Monday, April 19, 2010

Down to the Finish Line

The quilt group passed the quilt around last week, taking turns on tying the "sandwich" together with their love for Diann. Sue picked it up on Saturday, and we made a plan to meet at her house for a light dinner, a little visit with Teddy and Jason, and to sew the binding on our project. LM dropped me off, as he was on his way to visit his son nearby. Sue had hardwood floors installed last week and we had a great time admiring the beautiful difference they've made in her sweet house. The resident feline, Jaxson, was NOT happy to see Teddy. For some reason he feels very threatened by children and there was much hissing, howling and growling, as well as baring of teeth!! Pretty dramatic. Poor Jaxson was banished to the basement until Teddy was on his way home.

Teddy enjoyed sharing a bit of our pita bread and wasn't too keen on the dinner being proffered by his wonderful Daddy. He was chattering away but we struggled to understand his happy words. He is such a joyful and loving child.

My mother's eyes!
Soon it was time for Teddy to be on his way home, Jaxson to be freed, and we were ready to square off the edges of the quilt and begin our evening's work. Working with these beautiful fabrics has been so inspiring, full of meaning, and fun, that we really wanted to savor every minute of these last steps to the finish line. To be doing this with my dear friend, just made it all the more special. Here we have the quilt waiting to be trimmed. The strips to be sewn on for the binding are in the foreground.

We kept finding ourselves sitting with the quilt, testing the weight and comfort level, as well as finding new beauty in each turn. At one point, deep in conversation (we always have lots to talk about), we realized we were sitting with the quilt covering us both.
My mother's and my grandmother's hands rest on the quilt. As well, as the incredible women who've worked on this quilt, there are also the hands of those who've inspired me to learn the little I know of this sister, Margaret, and my sister-in-law, Jenni. It reminded me how important it is to be in each minute of life, absorb all you can, as these times, will enrich your future a thousand fold. Don't ask why or how, just know it will be, and learn all you can.
Sue presses the binding strips as we prepare to sew them on. The simplest part of the process is so very special.
A finally freed, Jaxson, had fun watching us from a paper bag I'd brought. He also had a great time getting in the midst of our sewing.
The binding now attached beautifully by Sue, I taught her how to turn it and sew it down by hand. Now after Sue sews a portion, she will pass it to the other women for their stitches to bind this work of love.
We're not sure when the presentation will take place, as LM and I are going to Baltimore in 8 days (Hello Maryland Sheep & Wool, Jenni, Ev & Martin, Lynne and Kittie), and then there is Mother's Day, but know for sure, it will be recorded here for you to enjoy.
Meanwhile, Ms G had some big excitement last Thursday.....LM set the toaster on fire.....fortunately the smoke alarms went off, and he was able to get the flaming oven out to the back terrace. WHEW.....The best fun was yet to come, though, when we purchased a new toaster oven, and Ms G had all the sticky tape and boxes with which to play . Life is never dull with the little darlin'.....more news on that big adventure tomorrow. Doesn't take much to entertain us!! LOL


Kitty Shepherd said...

Hello Cape Cod Kitty
I think us Kitty's should stick together, I saw your comment on Kittie's post.

I love your patch work I used to do loads when I didn't have a kiln. I want to go back to it now so I am subscribing to your blog for inspiration.

Greeting form Spain and another Kitty

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Well, welcome, Kitty! I completely agree, we Kittys and Kitties need to stick together. Thank you for visiting and I will be sure to visit your blogs when I have a bit more time.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your post. My that is one nasty little kitty they have! Wonder why he doesn't like children. Maybe one hurt him when he was just l little tyke. He is cute though and his coat matches the new flooring! lol The quilt is looking good!! Am anxious to hear what your friend says. No doubt she will be shocked! lol. that will be one wonderful day! Will keep you posted on the clogged drains at Kellys. Hello LM and Ms G...debbie

Linda said...

I enjoyed reading another chapter in the quilt story.

Poppy said...

The quilt is B E A U T I F U L!!! Please pass the word to your friends. They've done a splendid job and I can only imagine how very much their gift will be appreciated.

I'm trying to get caught up. You know what a terrible week it's been but I apologize for being such a neglectful friend of late. My mind has been so scattered with the news about John's grandma and then dealing with Grace's illness and then mine.

I'm happy to see that life seems to be back on solid ground for you :) Hugs!