Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fog, continued

The fog in my brain has not lifted (not sure if that is good or bad, but I'll take it for what it is), but the fog returned my sea to me last Friday...see the new header photo.
We have been having dramatic weather here and the skies have been very interesting. There's been little sun, lots of snow showers and rain, accompanied by heavy winds. The northeast wind is howling out there now and a combination of snow and sleet is falling.

It was a good weekend to get a lot done. LM and I cooked a lovely turkey dinner on Saturday and made soup, in between continuing the big dig at his house. I confess to getting very overwhelmed by the new boxes of treasures he unearthed from his closet this week and planted in the living room blocking the fireplace. He has a priceless collection of first edition books on angling. Many are signed by the authors to LM, and are accompanied by letters from the authors, as well. The artwork in most is exquisite. We spent a lot of time looking them over and he re-lived the story of how he acquired each one. LM's love of these beautiful books and their art is touching and so interesting. BUT... Those few books are only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, as he has many, many boxes elsewhere, as previously mentioned. It is daunting to think about what we will do with all of them. They are catalogued but need to be preserved or sold. He is not ready to part with many of them yet. I find myself fighting the impulse to get really upset about the magnitude of the task ahead, knowing he can procrastinate. Time after time I bit my tongue, and reminded myself that it is HIS life collection, not mine, and that not everyone handles things the way I do. I pared my life down years ago, and stopped holding on to "stuff".....well, there may be some of my lustreware collection left, LOL.
Anyway, he promises that he will sort and remove the boxes from the living room by next week. He reads me well.
Ms G has been thoroughly enjoying having all the new boxes to explore (many have tape on them, YUM), and there are old photos to be perused, too. Another of her passions is licking unattended photos!! She definitely has some very peculiar behaviors. She supervised all our work, and we found her sitting amidst everything at every chance. Funny little critter.

I busied myself today by cleaning and photographing the collection of beautiful antique jugs and crocks which were part of Bob's estate. We will be having them evaluated soon. Here are a few:Wonder of this was from Smith Kline drug company??

That was a major job, as they were really grimey. At the same time, I CAREFULLY washed and photographed a collection of beautiful old hurricane lanterns, and they are now all lined up on a dining room sideboard.
Late this afternoon, we just sat, relaxed and watched a funny movie we both remembered well from the early '80's...."Blame it on Rio." Michael Caine is such a fun and talented actor.

Now I am home, it is back to a busy week ahead and tomorrow is my sweet Samantha's 3rd birthday! I have several plans with friends this week, and then Saturday will be a party for Samantha, complete with a Barbie cake!! Can't wait.
Happy March to everyone....the countdown to Spring is on.


Anonymous said...

I love your collection of crocks! They are beautiful! I hope your keeping them. Some of them would be pretty with flowers on the back patio. I suggest you add on a library for LM. Just bump out the bathroom wall that you are already taking apart and pull it back about six feet and just put nothing but shelves...such a good place for the bathroom! it would be very unique indeed. Along with the new bright window! I like the idea debbie

Poppy said...

We're quite a bit alike on the "clutter" issue. John has many, many "treasures". When I look at them I tend to see "junk", "stuff", "unnecessary items". Example...we have a 5 car garage. We've lived in our house 15 yrs. I have probably only been able to park in my garage a years worth of that time! The garage is that packed full with STUFF/JUNK/UNNECESSARY ITEMS! I'm not a pack rat by any means and it drives me nuts that he is. I just have to stay completely out of the garage for fear of hives!

Kittie Howard said...

First, I love your new header, a sure sign spring is coming. We finally got that 10' pile of snow out front re-piled or melted (sun enough One Day to toss in pedestrian street, wait to melt, and so on) because my tulips are peeking thru. And, about all of LM's stuff, ohhh, like I commented before, my hub's the same...very challenging for, as you said, it's his life. Good Luck! And, love your crocks. Gorgeous! Meow to Ms G!