Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winter Peace

When winter days consist of my regular workdays, visits with LM & Ms G, and seeing grandchildren, it just feels like perfect peace to me. Life is just very quiet and beautiful right now. It is still unsettling at times when I realize that I have no "must do's" yanking on my spirit. Any busyness which occurs is the result of things I really want to do.

When LM had his recent health scare (turned out to be a tendon flare-up which gave heart attack-like symptoms), he received this bountiful fruit basket from our dear friend, Nan. Not sure she knows just how much of a hit the basket was, most especially for Ms G. it had ribbons and lots of crinkly plastic, and the fruit was secured inside by TAPE. It gave her hours of fun, and we LOVED the perfect fresh fruit, most certain to increase the function of our immune systems. Thank you, Nan! We love you and miss you.

I've been trying to visit baby Teddy and parents every other week and have really been enjoying my time there. He is getting so big, really trying to talk, and amazingly, he is understanding so much these days.

Cruising around the kitchen as his Mom is preparing dinner!This pizza pan is one of his all-time favorites.
Alison cleverly cleaned out this drawer which used to hold cooking utensils, and now stores all sorts of baby-safe items which Teddy loves to root out and run away with.
Aha! He's got the potato masher!

Getting sleepy....
Meanwhile, we are slowly moving forward on plans to gut out and re-do the bathroom at LM's house, and have been streamlining his technology. Last weekend we installed wireless and set up the new TV to run the computer screen/movies, etc.

We're looking forward to Valentine's Day this weekend - I planned a celebration for Saturday and he is planning the day on Sunday! Fun.

In other grandchildren news....grandson, Jared and his girlfriend, Jessica, have a new wildly cute kitten named Leia. Pictures forthcoming soon. Kittens are so hard to photograph as they are rarely still.
Granddaughter, Samantha, is finally recovered from a flu-type illness, and I am looking forward to seeing her very soon. She will be turning 3 on March 1, and is certainly challenging her Mom with sleeping issues!! Her beautiful face and lively personality, though, keep her a shining star.

In other news, Trish is back to normal and feeling quite well. They leave on Saturday for a week of skiing out west.
We are bracing for a big snowstorm tomorrow. Sort of looking forward to it after feeling jilted by last week's storm which blanketed the mid-Atlantic.


Poppy said...

So glad to hear how peaceful and complete your life is at this time. You so deserve it.

Teddy is darling.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from you. Been wondering if you were ok. Am glad your feeling better. Looks as if Ms G was foaming at the mouth to get at HER Prize!! What fun for her and yummy for you and LM. Also glad you are getting out to see the grandkids. Teddy is so cute. They grow up too fast!! Good luck with your bathroom. Did you get back any of the estimates yet? Glad I didn't have to do what all your doing. Mine was easy compaired to LM's. BUT! whwn it's all done, WOW! it will be wonderful. I am still amazed when I walk into ours. I really am enjoying it. So glad to hear Trish is all well and going on vacation!!! We have a mess here. We got 2 inches last night, then it rained and melted it back to one and has been raining all day. supposed to get down into the 20's so the roads will be nothing but ice. I worry about Bob coming home.
I'm hoping he'll leave early. Be careful driving to work!!!!!...debbie

Beverly said...

Teddy is soooo cute...so cuddly and huggable...
I have been watching your weather and thinking of you... We woke up to a surprise snowstorm Monday. It surprised us all, including those weathermen with their "doppler" stuff.... :)