Friday, February 12, 2010

One Milestone Year

Bob died one year ago yesterday. It seems but a moment ago, and it is ironic that this week also holds several other "anniversaries." It is two years since LM's cardiac arrest and resulting surgery, and three years since his former partner died of breast cancer. I suppose, in years, to come, these dates will pass with no mention, but right now, after the year we have had, they seem very recent. My dear LM, though, merely commented that he wanted the passing of these dates NOT to be unhappy, just reverent, and that we celebrate what we have today. Always, the voice of clear and loving reason, this man.

Cold continues here but we have a lovely bright sunny morning, as I set out to work. From the synchronicity department is a little story from my work week. For over a year I have been more and more unhappy with my desk chair at work. I never said anything about it, but each day, it was becoming more and more of a comfort issue. Still, I was grinning and bearing it. On Monday one of the wheels broke off! Yesterday a beautiful new chair was delivered to my desk!! Oh, happy day. What a difference. Little miracles!

Valentine's Day (yes, yes, I know it is a "Hallmark" holdiday, but I can't help it) weekend is here, and we have several fun things planned to celebrate. First, tomorrow, we are finally going to meet the daughters of LM's friend, Freddie. Re-uniting with their father after 50+ years has been very emotional and Freddie's curmudgeon-like demeanor is presenting some problems as the "girls" try to help him. He is 93 and quite infirm, happy to have the girls in his life, but reluctant to accept their help. Also, his deep grief over losing his 50 year partner, Joan, consumes him. Prior to this we have only spoken on the phone with them, so it will be nice to meet and perhaps make a plan to urge Freddie to allow their suggestions.

Wishing everyone a love-filled weekend!


Poppy said...

Indeed what a clear voice of reason that man of yours is.

Have a lovely weekend with him!! Happy Valentine's Day~

Anonymous said...

A new chair finally. If I were you, I would have knocked off that wheel a long time ago! lol Glad your now comfy!! Sounds like your going to have a fun and interesting weekend! Happy Valentines Day to All!!...debbie

Kittie Howard said...

Yes, LM seems like a reasonable, dear person, as you also seem, both of you coping with so much, yet moving forward.