Thursday, September 21, 2017


We have tropical storm Jose still hovering around and over us this morning.  Morning seems to have come with little light, and the trees are bending to the ground at times. The heavy rains seemed to expend themselves yesterday.  Feeling like I must go to look at the ocean this morning as I can hear it pounding against the shore as I type.

Today will be some errands in final preparation for my trip to Colorado next Tuesday.  I am so looking forward to being with my sister for a week, and to maybe seeing Aspen's with their Fall glow.  I could use some brightness!  We have had no sun for many days, never mind the dimness of my spirits.

Our girl was the dearest nurse and lifter of spirits.

Tomorrow LM will take me along when he does a car swap for Toyota. We will be off early to Saco, ME.....along the way we will have some fun stops and lunch.  Best of all it affords us a day alone in beautiful places.  

Almost time to take Teddy to the bus and launch myself on some errands.  I'm in search of a new cell phone charging cord.  We have a serious issue here with a certain Mr. Bosley, who loves to chew cords.
 Another dead cord
 and, he also chews toes!!

A beautiful day to all.....with love.

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Judy said...

Colorado is gorgeous this time of year, but then--so is the North-East. Mr. Bosley won't be long for this world if he keeps chewing electrical cords!!!!