Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Teddy Snippet

Having tea in my sitting room this morning, when Teddy walked in with his camera. He began opening drawers to photograph the contents.  "Teddy why are you taking photos of Nana's things?" (pens, packing tape, old address books, quilting supplies.....go figure.  I have no claim to how his very active mind works.

"It is just surveillance, Nana!!"  He also mentioned that it might be too hard for Aunt Margaret to climb the stairs when she visits in May, so he could show her my things by scrolling through photos.  Sweetness!!
Here is my dynamic and SWEET duo at dinner last weekend

Mg G feels it is her job to keep LM's computer warm at all times.

The perfect vantage point and with just a slight turn she's spying on the neighbors, but her favorite task is keeping her "people" under surveillance at all times. No wonder Teddy is doing the same thing!

Settling back in to school schedule again, after what seemed like a long holiday vacation. My days are mostly revolving around Teddy's schedule, but there is some time for cooking, thrift shopping, and seeing friends.  Life is so good!!  Went to a Savers' store in Plymouth today with a neighbor, and we were very successful. I found a great new crockpot, and some lovely insulated drapes for LM's house. We will use them to block off the stairway to the second floor, to keep the downstairs cozy for the winter. Ms G still likes to go up there to sleep during the day, and she can just push the curtains aside to gain access.
Wishes for health, love and peace to you all.



Sally Wessely said...

You sound like you are doing well. The change in your life was a big one, but you seem to be not just adjusting to it but thriving. I'm so happy for this.

Judy said...

That boy is going to be in the Secret Service of the FBI--I'm telling you!