Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Morning After

Just came in from cleaning off Lou's car, and mine, too! Snow up to my knees to walk through. There was a very large tree limb on top of my car but we think it fell after the heavy snow had left padding enough to avoid damage. Wind is so cold and blowing snow in one's face. We are attempting to clean the driveway snow so that I can leave for home later today after the Pats game. We can do it.....I think!!
We had to clean the eaves areas first to avoid ice dams, now Lou is using his little electric snowblower to do the driveway.
Ms G is lurking around following the sun to each of the windows.  She slept under the quilt for awhile last night while the wind howled.
All is well.......


Linda said...

I cannot imagine that much snow. Totally foreign to me. Glad you're safe. Hope you'll be able to get home this afternoon.

Judy said...

Kind of reminds you of a good ole' Michigan winter, doesn't it?