Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Funnies

HAPPY ALMOST CHRISTMAS to everyone!!!!   Teddy is so excited that Alison is still struggling with trying to get him to sleep tonight. Who knows what will happen tomorrow night.

Meanwhile, LM is at home and calling me every two minutes. He has been laughing so hard for the last 35 minutes and is so upset that I am not there with him to share Ms G's antics. She has become quite a regular TV viewer, and really likes watching other animals. They will hold her attention for quite a long time. Tonight, though, is the best yet, as LM is watching PBS Nature and it is all about snowy owls.  There has been frantic running around, meowing, and leaps at the TV.  I am hoping some of her antics are being recorded, as the descriptions I am hearing sound to be You Tube worthy.  That girl is so funny.

Most of our holiday plans are in place, and LM will arrive tomorrow afternoon to stay over so he can be here to watch Teddy open his gifts on Christmas Morning.  After that, we will return to LM's house to have a quiet day and work a little on the food prep for our open house on Sunday with our children and other grandchildren.

It is pouring rain here and very warm, with temps near 70 forecast for tomorrow.

Wishing everyone peace and love all around.

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Sally Wessely said...

I hope your Christmas has been filled with all the things you most hoped for.